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Personal Media Training

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About this Course

Personal Media Training

In this "Personal Media Training" course you will receive personalized training, feedback and coaching from TJ Walker, a leading media training coach to CEOs, Presidents of countries and Prime Ministers. You will receive up to 10 personalized video critiques of your on-camera media rehearsals and you will receive a live Skype video session. This is a chance to get expert coaching from one of the true masters of media training, crisis communication and reputation management. This course is the next best thing to an in-person training workshop, only much less expensive.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for anyone who wants to become great at dealing with the media quickly
  • Executives
  • Political leaders
  • Authors
  • Experts
Basic knowledge
  • You will need to be able to video record yourself with a cell phone or webcam
What you will learn
  • Ace media interviews
  • Look good on TV
  • Formulate media messages
  • Answer questions from reporters
  • Speak in sound bites
Number of Lectures: 64
Total Duration: 01:41:44
  • Overview  
  • Answering Your Questions  
  • Media Training Goals  
  • How to Look Your Best on TV - Overview  
  • How to Apply Makeup for TV Interviews  
  • How to Sit for TV Interviews  
  • How to Smile for TV Interviews  
  • How to Use Your Eyes During a TV Interview  
  • How to Move Your Head for Video Interviews  
  • How to Move Your Hands for TV Interviews  
  • How to Move Your Body for TV Interviews  
  • How to Sit in Your Chair for TV Interviews  
  • How to Stand for TV Interviews  
  • How to Dress for TV Interviews  
  • Video Record and See Your Improvement  
  • Critiquing On-Camera Appearance  
  • Big Interview Critique  
  • How to Frame a Media Message  
  • A Media Message Answers all Basic Questions  
  • Media Messages Must be Interesting to Reporters  
  • Media Messages Must Resonate with Media Audience  
  • Your Media Message Needs to Benefit You  
  • Three is the Perfect Number of Media Messages  
  • Media Messages using a Venn Diagram  
  • Have a Positive Media Message  
  • Add Quantifiable Results to Your Media Message  
  • What Problem are you solving, Media Message  
  • Assignment - Create your own Media Message  
  • Message Critique  
Answering Questions
  • How to Answer Questions in a Media Interview Overview  
  • Answer One Question at a Time  
  • Keep Your Eyes on Your Message Points  
  • Tell Reporters 'I Don't Know'  
  • Do Not Repeat Negative Words from a Reporter  
  • Always Be Moving toward Your Message Points  
  • Give Brief Answers to Tough Questions  
  • Aim for All Three Messages In Every Answer  
  • Re-Write the Reporter's Questions in Media Interviews  
  • Don't Add One more thing at the End of the Interview  
  • Don't try to Control the Interview  
  • Question Critique  
  • What is a Sound Bite Overview  
  • Sound Bites Bold Action Words  
  • Sound Bites Reporters Love Cliches  
  • Sound Bites Emotion  
  • Sound Bites Give Specific Examples  
  • Sound Bites Absolutes  
  • Sound Bites Attacks  
  • Sound Bite Tools Humor  
  • Sound Bite Tools Rhetorical Questions  
  • Sound Bite Tools Analogies  
  • Sound Bite Tools Pop Culture References  
  • Three Easiest Sound Bite Tools  
  • Reflections on Sound Bites  
  • The 5 Outcomes of Every Media Interview  
  • Sound Bite Homework  
  • Sound Bite Practice  
  • Final Interview Practice  
  • Soundbite Critique  
  • Skype Conference  
  • Feedback  
  • Bonus Media Training A - Z  
  • Bonus Media Training Success  
  • Bonus Course  

    To receive access to a no-cost bonus course, please email your request to tj @ mediatrainingworldwide. com. You must include first and last name, business name and business phone number.

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