Course: Podcasting - How To Go From Zero To Hero

Podcasting - How To Go From Zero To Hero

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About this Course

Podcasting is the perfect way to share your voice, grow your brand, build a business and connect with the word. 

Maybe you've tried before and given up? Afraid of the tech headaches? Not sure what to use or how to set it all up? And we've updated the course Dec 2017 giving you a fresh look at the tools you need to create your first podcast.

This course is for you. 

I'll walk you through choosing the right tools, setting up your equipment and show, recording basics, creating eye-catching cover art and getting your show live and sharing it with the world.

This course is geared for the beginning podcaster, but the extra's section will contain some cool free tools and techniques to enhance any podcast and reach out to new audiences and markets.

Each step of the process is clearly explained and demonstrations of what exactly you need to do next. By the end of this course you will be a master at the technical stuff, create stunning audio and eye-catching cover art, and be able to share your podcast show with the world. 

While you could pay $$$ to learn this material, It shouldn't cost you a fortune to create your very own podcast. In Podcasting Zero To Hero, you get a solid understanding of the how and why and learn about all the free tools available to take your show to the next level.

I'm here for any questions and to support you on your podcasting journey. My students stretch around the world and have created podcasts in multiple languages and formats with great success.

Are you ready? 

I'm here to walk you through every step of the way and committed to your success.

I can't wait to hear your first podcast show!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to start a podcast quickly
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to promote and share their brand
  • Hobby lovers that want to share their passions with the world.
  • Musicians looking for a way to self-publish and share their talents
  • Marketers and Entrepreneurs who want to build and scale an audience
  • Educators who want to reach a larger audience
Basic knowledge
  • The desire to share your voice, message and passion through podcasting
What you will learn
  • Rapidly create a podcast from scratch
  • Learn the easy way to master the technical aspects of podcast setup and publication
  • Create amazing quality podcasts by adding effects and extras
  • Quickly create eye-catching cover art for your podcast
  • Learn how to syndicate your podcast show to reach the world
  • Learn how to use free tools to remove any technical worries 
Number of Lectures: 39
Total Duration: 01:35:36
Why Podcast
  • Podcast Creation For Beginners - Course Overview  

    Mindmap overview of this course. See what is in on the slate for mastering podcasting quickly.

  • Why Podcast & Introduction  

    Podcasting is still a relatively untouched resource for personal and business use. Learn why podcasting is powerful, fun and how easy it is to get started.

How To Record Your Podcast - Garage Band vs. Others
  • Platform Options For Creating Your Podcast  
  • Garage Band vs. Audacity  

    Garage Band and Audacity are two popular platforms for creating audio content. See a side by side brief comparison and I'll share my thoughts on which I prefer.

  • Intro to GarageBand 10.0.2  

    Short introduction to the basic screen and flow of the new version of GarageBand.

Recording Basics For Your Podcast
  • Mic Setup  

    Brief discussion of setting up your preferred input source (Mic).

  • Recording Your First Track  

    This lecture covers the basics of recording your first track in the Garage Band editor. Ducking and monitoring / feedback control options are also explained.

  • Adding Music, Jingles & Stingers  

    Quick video walking through how to add music, jingles and stingers to your podcast to create interest and transitions. Consider royalty free music as an option., fin,, are all sites that I have used in the past with good success.

  • Adding Voice Overs  

    Use voice over talent to add spice to your podcast. is an excellent venue to find amazing voice talent artists.

  • Creating Bumpers / Intro & Outro Tracks  

    Creating a bumper or intro & an outro add an element of style to any podcast. iTunes offers a variety of cool sounding options, but don't hesitate to create your own and use one of the royalty free options shared in the Extras Section of this course.

Creating Cover Art For Your Podcast
  • Cover Creation Basics  
  • Images For Cover Art  

    This lecture covers some of the most popular stock photo sites. An excellent resource for finding unique artwork and images for your podcast cover and many other uses as well.

  • Outsourcing Options  
Preparing Your Audio File For iTunes And The World To Hear
  • Sharing / Exporting Your Podcast To iTunes  

    You are ready to share your podcast with iTunes on your DESKTOP. This is the final stage and all sound edits are complete. After sharing your podcast episode with iTunes, you can add tags, transcripts and any other information you would like to share with your listeners. See the screen shot for an example.

  • Tagging Your MP3 File  
Hosting Your Podcast
  • Hosting Options For Your Podcast  

    Hosting has a big impact on managing your podcast. Set it up properly and choose a platform you can grow with now and save time and hassle later. This lecture covers: Libsyn, Podbean and Amazon S3. BuzzSprout is also another older platform.

  • Libsyn Demo  

    Quick demo of Libsyn dashboard and a walk through of the upload process. Also, get the proper link to a specific episode.

Checking In With You
  • Need Help? I'm Here For You  
Creating Your Feed So Everyone Can Listen To Your Show
  • Feed Explanation & Options  

    There are several options for submitting a feed to iTunes. This lecture covers: Libsyn feed, your blog feed using Blubrry and Feedburner.

iTunes Submission
  • Submitting To iTunes  

    Demo on submitting to iTunes. You are in the drivers seat now! Congratulations!

  • iTunes Submission - Just a quick FYI look at the page.  

    Very short. Just wanted to show you what the submission page looks like. I received message back from iTunes after a few seconds that the submission successful and the new show is under review.

Sharing Your Podcast Episodes On Your Blog
  • Blubrry Plugin For WordPress  

    This is one option for embedding a podcast into a blog/website.

  • Embed Your Podcast On Your Blog  

    This lecture provides a demonstration of how the plug in works and you can see it in action here.

  • Blubrry WordPress Plug-in Explained In Detail  

    This lecture expands on the Blubrry plug-in for wordpress. I will walk you through setting up the important features on each tab and explain the plug-in with greater detail.

  • Changing The Podcast Title In Blubrry Plug-in Settings  

    By default, the podcast title will be the same as the blog title. If the feed from the blog is submitted to iTunes, then your podcast will show up on iTunes with the same title. To change your podcast title within Blubrry is very simple. This lecture shows you how.

Syndication & Promotion
  • Syndication For Building A Massive Audience  

    Syndication Mindmap (brief). Just a quick overview of several options to syndicate content. I'll add more lectures as the course gets rolling.

  • Stitcher  

    Listen To All Your Favorite Talk Radio Shows and Podcasts in 1 Mobile App - On Demand

    Get the freshest episodes of your favorite podcasts and radio shows streamed directly to your smartphone or iPad - no downloading or syncing.

  • Soundcloud is another platform to broadcast your podcast & message. The free version is available, but limits the amount of content you can upload. A paid version exists as well. I use Sound Cloud to add some content and draw listeners to my blog or main site.

    Simply create a free account and upload the same file you created for Libsyn, S3 or wherever you host your data files. 

  • How To Use Stock Audio, Intros, Outros, and Bumpers  

    There are a variety of stock audio options available. Don't spend a fortune on one track. I really like AudioJungle. I have found some amazing tracks for only a few dollars. (the link is my affil, so if you join I get a few pennies :-)) 

  • Converting a Video to MP3  

    Converting an existing video to an audio only file is a perfect way to repurpose or syndicate content across multiple platforms.

  • VoiceBase Free Transcription provides free transcription services. Another way to provide value to your listeners. You can use transcript as the "lyrics" section of your podcast and there are many other ways to syndicate your content that will be covered in later lectures.

Putting It All Together - A Live Demo Of Everything
  • Podcast Demo Part 1 - Getting Ready  
  • Podcast Demo Part 2 - Recording an Episode  

    Opening Gargage Band template and recording an actual episode 

  • Podcast Demo Part 3 - Editing Episode and Exporting Podcast  

    Recording finished and editing podcast episode. Export to disk and now ready for final processing with Auphonic. 

  • Conclusion  
  • Course Wrap  

    Podcasting is a powerful resource for sharing your passions, ideas and educating a worldwide audience. Capture the energy behind this medium. I want to hear about your first podcast, so please email me at the contact address and let me know about your new show!

    Course Wrap.

Optional Lectures / Trouble Shooting
  • Amazon S3 and Drop Box  

    There are many options for storing your MP3 files. I use Amazon S3 for a variety of formats (mp3/ video/ pdf/ mindmaps, etc). Amazon offers other storage options, but I have just stayed with S3 for the last 2 years and have been very happy with the performance and low cost.

    Drop box, iCloud and other cloud based storage services all work well.

  • CommentCast  

    Tracking comments across the entire iTunes galaxy is challenging and time consuming. Comment Cast is a free program that does this all for you in one dashboard. Simple to setup and best of all ...another free resource to get you farther on your podcasting journey. There is a paid version I am told, but you can also kick in $5 via paypal to say thanks to the developer. is the site to download CommentCast.

  • Fixing a hacked blog and no feed data going to iTunes  

    One of my websites/blogs was hacked a while back. I thought we fixed it, but the site is often down and thus iTunes cannot pull the podcast episodes embedded there into the iTunes podcast section. I've been working with the tech crew at Hostgator to fix it, but it still is problematic.

    This lecture shows a workaround and I will walk through changing the settings in Libsyn and submitting a new feed to iTunes.

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