Course: Fundamentals in Depression

Fundamentals in Depression

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About this Course

Depression and low motivation are a growing problem, with many people finding that nothing seems to help them feel better or lift their mood.. The benefit of medication, vitamins and 'pep me up' tonics is short lived and for many people, growing older looms with increasing low mood and energy, robbing us of the joy it is our right as vital humans, to experience.

We may go from doctor, to psychologist, to psychiatrist, with no light at the end of the tunnel, creating more anxiety, stress and fear for our future, for how can we face our future when we feel so low?

This course will give you essential information about the foundations of depression, specifically about neurotransmitters such as Serotonin and Dopamine and what we need to do to either enhance medication we are taking, or turn around the downward spiral leading to ineffective, or diminishing supply of our necessary neurotransmitters

Specifically, this course will increase your understanding of insulin, a hormone we are constantly exposed to, and how exactly Insulin affects neurotransmitter activity, particularly that of Serotonin and Dopamine.

This course will give you a place to start, with changes you yourself can effect, without the need for expensive consultations. It will give you some guidelines in order to begin to make positive, impactful changes, to turn low mood and depression around.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with depression or low mood.
  • People who struggle to motivate themselves
  • Children who are moody
Basic knowledge
  • No Prior requirements
What you will learn
  • Gain deeper understanding of the cellular processes that led you to where you are now
  • Knowledge about neurotransmitters and the role they play in your mood
  • Information about how insulin and neurotransmitters relate to each other and how the one impacts on the other
  • Steps to take to gain control of this interaction in your body to affect your mood positively
Number of Lectures: 11
Total Duration: 00:30:47
Introduction, Lecturer Qualifications and Disclaimer
  • Introduction, Lecturer Qualifications and Disclaimer  
  • Description: Signs of Mood Imbalance and the First Fundamental of Mood Imbalance  
  • What are Neurotransmitters? Categories and what purpose do they serve?  
  • Impact of Insulin, hypoglycaemia and Insulin Resistance on Neurotransmitters  
  • What part does Adrenal Exhaustion and Insulin Resistance play in affecting NT?  
  • How exactly does Insulin change the action of our neurotransmitters?  
  • Quick Overview and physical signs that you may have Insulin Resistance  
  • How Neurons Protect Themselves when there is an Excess of Serotonin  
  • What steps can I take myself, to make a difference in my mood?  
  • A Healthy Gut and Serotonin  
  • Thank You!  
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