Course: Self Love and Self Confidence: A Course in Contentment

Self Love and Self Confidence: A Course in Contentment

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About this Course

Want more confidence in life to be able to do the things that you always dreamed of doing? 

What about being at peace within yourself and truly accepting you for being you?

Want to silence the inner critic that puts you down and makes you feel as though you are not enough?

With the techniques and lessons in this course you can achieve all of this and much more! You will learn quick and easy ways to pull yourself out of a rut, different ways of thinking about things and proven techniques that will change your life and put you more at ease!

Starting with easy things that you can do each and everyday, to downloadable hypnosis sessions that you can listen to at ease for a lifetime to create lasting change.

This course is broken down into easy to follow chucks for each batch of lessons, so that you can do them at your leisure.

By the end of the course you will be able to live more contently and with the confidence to be able to do just about anything you desire in life! 

Basic knowledge
  • None what so ever, just a keen interest in self development and improving your life
What you will learn
  • Simple easy techniques that will help you to shift your mindset and allow you to live with more ease and confidence. You will learn what programs are running in the background of your life that are holding you back, and how to erase them for good
Number of Lectures: 31
Total Duration: 03:32:39
  • introduction to the Course  

    The introduction to the course and a brief overview of what we will be covering in the course.

  • Self Love and Self Confidence Break Down and Explanation  
  • The Power of Words - What Effect They Have on Us  

    In this lesson we look at the power of the words that we use And how they affect our reality and our outcomes. This also includes how we feel about ourselves and what words that we tell ourselves on a daily basis. Our words shape our reality, so it is important that we use these words correctly and start to eliminate any words that will cause us any negative impact at all.  

  • Mastering Your Personal Power  

    In this lesson, we look at the use of our own personal power. How to utilise and it how to master it so that we are operating with a hundred percent of our personal power at all times.  

  • The Conscious mind and the Subconscious  

    In this lesson we have a look at the conscious and the unconscious mind. We look at the differences between the two, which one is in charge and just how that then shapes our reality, our outcomes and how we get our results in life.

  • Find Your Purpose  

    In this lesson we look for our purpose, and just what that means for our life. We look at setting goals along the way, but will help us to reach out ultimate purpose and keep this on track towards this. The point of this lesson is to stop it from becoming aimless and working for "nothing", so that we feel satisfied in life with our goal and we always have something to look forward to. 

  • Visualisation  

    In this lesson we talk all about visualisation and just how powerful it can be to being able to create the life that you desire. Using visualisation on a daily basis will allow you to see yourself in situations that may have previously hampered your confidence, and be able to change the way you see yourself reacting to similar situations in the future.

  • Judgement  

    In this lesson, we discuss judgement and just when and where it can be useful to us, as well as when it can detract from our self confidence and even our self love when we judge ourselves too harshly. We then look at how to stop judging ourselves and put a more positive spin on the situation.

  • Values  
  • Mindset  

    In this lecture, we look at how to get your mindset on track so that you know you are worthwhile, so that you can easily love yourself deeper and wholly while striving towards your goals confidently.   

Every Day Activities
  • Power Posing  

    In this lesson we take a look at power posing. What it is what it does and how it can quickly change and way feeling right then and there in the present moment. We also take a look at the science behind it as well as hoses that are low in power and will make us feel a little bit depressed and detract from our confidence and our self love.  

  • Exercise  

     In this lesson we have a look at exercise. Any and all types of exercise to get us moving, release that dopamine and make us feel alive. so look at exercise as one of our goals, but can help us Keep on Track keep improving our self and improve that self confidence as we look back at where we were as to where we are now. 

  • Affirmations  

    Here, we have a look at affirmations and just how they can help to change the way we perceive life. With these affirmations that I have created we look at changing the programs but already running for you. By using these more positive and purposeful affirmations weary right what you're looking towards and what you're after.  

  • Gratitude Diary  

    Let's now have a look at a gratitude diary. This is just a handy easy tool to help you experience the gratitude and take a step back and look at the things that are going right in life and everything that you have to be grateful for. This is a really super effective tool that will help you see the good parts in life on a daily basis.  

  • Switching On  

    Switching on is a trick from kinesiology that integrates all parts of the brain as well as energising the central meridian. This is a great little trick that is super quick and easy to do just about anywhere it will get you firing on all cylinders for any situation.

Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Emotional Freedom Technique - How to  

    In this lesson and section we have a look at Emotional Freedom Technique. This technique is one of the quickest ways I have found to eliminate most problems from life. Is once again super easy, and quick but most importantly effective in eliminating those issues. So by watching the video and using the pictures provided you will be able to perform Emotional Freedom Technique almost instantly and get the most out of it.  

  • Self Love Issues  

    This lesson is dedicated to taking a look at all the issues that any ft can be used for around the subject of Self Love. Now this is not all of the issues obviously, but this is a good starting point for you to be able to formulate the ones more effective and take the most from your personal power in your own life.  

  • Self Confidence Issues  

    In this lesson we take a look at all the issues that Emotional Freedom Technique can be used for regarding self-confidence. Once again this is not a complete list of issues as you have issues that I have not experienced or had the experience of helping people get past but it is a good starting point for you to be able to formulate those issues and eliminate them yourself.

Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Visual Collage  

    In this lesson, we look at an NLP technique called the visual collage. What this technique does is bring us back to multiple times where we felt empowered and confident, and then demonstrates to us that those times are so much more powerful than what we are currently experiencing or putting ourselves through.

  • Remove Negative Emotions  

    In this lesson we explore the process of timeline therapy that removes the root cause of a lot of negative emotions as well as the limiting beliefs that we have created for ourselves that keep reappearing in our lives.

  • Power Circle  

    in this lesson, we look at the powerful anchor technique of the power circle. The beauty with this technique is that you can use it absolutely anywhere to give you a much needed emotional and confidence boost.

  • Prime Concern  

    This lesson on Prime concerns, shows us how to get our goals in alignment with the four quadrants of the brain. This technique is very powerful for releasing all of those little issues that seem to get in our way.This one is a little bit more tricky and you may need someone else's help for it, but it is one of the most powerful techniques in neuro-linguistic programming to get your right on track an aim for your goals, whether that be more confidence or Self Love.  

  • Stacking Anchors  

    During this lesson, we look at stacking anchors. So what this is, is putting many positive resources onto the same anchor. Once we then fire off the anchor, it sets of those positive resources all at once, so we get all those feelings all at the same time. once again, this is a technique that we can use just about anywhere.  

  • Hypnosis Introduction  

    Just a quick lesson design to show you how to use the following hypnosis tracks for the maximum benefit.  

  • Confidence Booster  

    This hypnosis track, is all about boosting your confidence allowing you to feel and be more confident in each and every way in life.  

  • A More Confident You  

    This hypnosis track is all about becoming more confident person permanently, so that you can continue to move through life with more confidence.  

  • You Are A Winner  

    This hypnosis track is about believing that you are a winner. Not just in a competition sense, but in all areas of life. It develops your mind to believe that you can achieve and win at life, at sports or anything at all.

  • Acupressure Intro  

    This lesson is a brief introduction about the art of acupressure, and what we can aim to achieve with a few simple techniques and holds.

  • Acupressure - Nervousness and Anxiety  

    In this lesson, we look at a super simple acupressure treatment and the acupressure points better than most useful in dispelling any anxiety or nervousness.

  • Acupressure - Depression and Emotional Balancing  

    In this lesson we look at acupressure for dealing with signs of depression as well as being able to balance the emotions. The points that I pressed in this lesson the best for being able to dispel any negative emotional energy.

  • Conclusion  

    This is just a quick wrap up of all the course this far. It is now up to you to use these hypnosis is, affirmations, and techniques so that you can keep growing and living with more love and confidence for yourself.  

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