Course: Astonishing scriptures on faith for incredible you (Faith no. 1)

Astonishing scriptures on faith for incredible you (Faith no. 1)

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About this Course

We are all approaching the days of Armageddon

Who does not want to get ready for the last battle of humanity?

This does not mean only getting ready physically

But to prepare mentally, spiritually and mentally,

To know the scriptures on faith in God in the most effective way, to be part of the elite human and

To implement scriptures on faith and hope in our soals

So that we will be privileged to live eternal lives

That's exactly what "Astonishing scriptures on faith for incredible you" course does. You are welcome to join Us

Basic knowledge
  • This is the first course in a series of five courses
  • All around ancient texts written about 800 years ago teaching scriptures on faith in God. It is all based on the true story of a nation that converted to Judaism
  • There were deep discussions of the search for truth, scriptures on faith and love & bible verses about faith
  • They all found the great truth at the Hebrew nation understanding the Bible
What you will learn
  • The first step of Prophecy.
  • What is real Redemption?
  • The purpose of your life
  • Why do we need faith?
  • What is the foundation of true faith?
Number of Lectures: 14
Total Duration: 00:57:07
Introduction to the course content
  • What is unique in our time of History?  
True story guide how-to have faith in God
  • Great opportunity in our days  
  • Amazing scriptures on faith in God, More than Shakespeare!!  
  • True story guide how-to have faith in god  
  • Why do we need to deepen our FAITH knowledge?  

    After we learned that this was a true story, but not the exact wording of the Kazarian king, we need to understand the importance of this issue.

Introduction to the text
  • What a dream!  
  • The most important sentence...  

    The best way of implementing things is by getting them wrong in the beginning and then correcting yourself. Or, to manage and be focused from the start. Let's give an example...

The remarkable scriptures on faith and love to all mankind
  • Doesn't matter what your FAITH is - let's speak  

    When learning scriptures of trou faith it must come with a deep love to all humankind, since God created us all and give life to everything here, therefore we must speak with everybody, regardless his mistaken faith or even lack of faith. This is what we see in this scripture.

Diving into the scriptures on faith and hope - You need to dream!
  • Dreaming, the way to move our world forward  
  • How do we gather knowledge? [bonus part]  

    The king is starting his journey with a dream. In a second thought, what are our sources of knowledge?, This short video is from a different course, explaining the advantage prophecy have on logic. you can find a link to this FREE course on the side.

  • Why does the most important Faith book start with a DREAM?  

    Let's summarize this Dream issue

The A(ctions) & B(live) issue
  • Do you Belive in Actions? Do those two (A & B) live in harmony?  
  • Bible verses about faith - Listen to Jeremaya Prophecy  
Awakness - Who is Dreaming?
  • Awakening, How do we get UP? Study about faith and strength.  

    "To do list"

    State to yourself three things that you do on Autopilot today, and figure up how to "break" this pattern of actions.

  • Who is still sleeping?  

    I can't even start mentioning all the knowledge we know today regarding those who are "working on autopilot" in their life.

    Test yourself, are you awake?

  • Last words  
Nation Redemption - Living scripture on faith and hope.
  • What next?  
  • Israel is coming alive  

    When the Hebrew nation is returning back to their Homeland, this by itself is like reading scripture on faith and hope - to all of our universes.

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