Course: MBTI in Practice

MBTI in Practice

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About this Course

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the most popular and respected personality type tools in the world. It is a personality type tool which is based on research by the renowned psychologist Carl Jung. The tool, helps people easily understand why differences arise at home and in the workplace. It is an easy to understand framework which helps to build relationships and teams.

In this course, you will learn your type - a true type and best fit type. You will learn the dynamics, development and intricacies to your personality type. You will also see the many applications available to individuals with a thorough understanding of one's psychological type and personality preferences.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone can take this course, especially those interested in understanding personality type.
Basic knowledge
  • Possess a mindset for learning including: optimism, persistence, flexibility, resilience and empathy for fellow learners.
What you will learn
  • Students will understand the dynamics and developmental options for the sixteen MBTI personality types
Number of Lectures: 22
Total Duration: 02:08:24
  • Introduction  
  • What are Personality Preferences?  
  • MBTI Personality Type  
  • MBTI Self- Test  
  • Verify Type  
  • Change your Type?  
  • Identify Type through Conversation  
  • Using Personality Differences Constructively  
  • MBTI Type Table  
  • Order of Preferences  
  • MBTI Dynamics & Development  
  • MBTI Development of Personality Preferences  
  • MBTI Type Combinations  
  • MBTI Type Development for the First Half of Life  
  • MBTI Type Development for the Second Half of Life  
  • Opposite Personality Type  
  • Communication Tips Between Personality Preferences  
  • MBTI and Career Choice  
  • MBTI and Relationships  
  • MBTI and Learning Styles  
  • The 20 Facets of MBTI  
  • Conclusion  
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