Course: Android App Development from Installation to Code and Publish Your Own Apps!

Android App Development from Installation to Code and Publish Your Own Apps!

  • Life Time Access
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App
  • Self-Paced
About this Course

You can develop Android applications starting today from installation of Android Studio to publishing with this Android app development course.

To learn how to make Android apps in 2019 including Android Studio and App Builder, this is the class for you to get started as a beginner!

After launching your first app, learn the basics of Java and user interface programming! You will also enjoy seeing why learning to build Android apps is outstanding for professional career development and freelancing on websites like Up-work!

Basic knowledge
  • There is no particular knowledge requirement. Thank you for learning about the course and we hope you love it!
What you will learn
  • You will be empowered after this course to create your first Android application
Number of Lectures: 55
Total Duration: 16:52:59
You can code Android applications!
  • Introduction  
  • Course contents  
  • Setting the environment  
Build your first Android application!
  • Build your first application - part 1  
  • Build your first application - part 2  
  • Improve your application and challenge  
  • Challenge solution  
Java tutorial
  • Java variables and arithmetic operators  
  • Java operators - conditional statements - for loops  
  • Loops continued and challenge  
  • Create Guess Me Game - challenge solution  
  • Arrays  
  • Objective oriented programming  
  • Objective oriented programming challenge  
  • Collections in Java  
  • Static keyword - inner classes - interfaces - abstract classes  
  • Concurrency and threading in Java - challenge  
  • Concurrency and threading in Java - challenge solution  
  • Concurrency and threading in Java - challenge solution (continued)  
User interface
  • User interface basics  
  • User interface basics (continued)  
  • Constraint layout - relative layout - linear layout - on click listeners  
  • List view and spinner and their adapters and onItemClickListeners  
  • Different XML files  
  • Look different in different configurations - manifest  
  • Challenge and solution  
  • Challenge solution (continued)  
Sample application
  • First sample application - app's first page and intents  
  • Logs - list view - gradle - recycler view - recycler view adapter  
  • Recycler view adapter (continued)  
  • Recycler view (continued) - card view - create utility class  
  • Show all books - Intents and Multiple Activities - Show Book Details  
  • Fix book layout - add books to different categories - alert dialogs  
  • Improve the app - add all categories - enable up button  
  • Redesign app logic - add about dialog - web view  
  • Delete books by long pressing on a card view - animations  
Shortcuts and debugging
  • Android Studio environment and shortcuts  
  • Debugging - logs - exceptions - run the app on a real device  
Activities and fragments
  • Activities concept and declaration activity life cycle  
  • Navigate between activities and pass data  
  • Intent actions and types and flags - handling intent results  
  • Calendar - challenge  
  • SaveInstanceState - Android support library - AndroidX  
  • Fragments  
  • Pass data with call backs - create a customized dialog  
  • Image slider app  
  • Create a gym app - part 1  
  • Create a gym app - part 2  
  • Create a gym app - part 3  
  • Create a gym app - part 4  
Bonus section
  • Threads and async task  
  • Started services  
  • Bound services  
  • Job scheduler  
  • Work manager  
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