Course: Basics of Swift 4 iOS 12 - Step by Step

Basics of Swift 4 iOS 12 - Step by Step

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  • Self-Paced
About this Course

This course will make you learn the basic of Swift 4 and Swift 5 programming. The course is updated weekly with new content about the basics of swift. And also when Swift 5 is released, you will get free updates with new features of swift. Therefore this is 2 in 1 course with both Swift 4 and Swift 5.

Swift is a great language to learn, and this course gives every basic thing you need to learn if you are entering to the world of programming, and if you have passion to learn about iOS 12 App development.

Basic knowledge
  • The basic knowledge of using macOS
  • No knowledge about programming is required
What you will learn
  • Become an expert at the basics of programming
  • Complete understanding of the basics of iOS Development
  • Create an iPhone app
Number of Lectures: 26
Total Duration: 01:55:36
  • Intro to the course  
Getting Started
  • Downloading an IDE  

    You will learn what is an IDE ?

  • Exploring Xcode  
  • Swift Playgrounds & First lines of coding  
  • Introduction  
  • Using Variables  
  • Having fun with variables  
  • Var and let  
Data Types
  • Integer Data Type  
  • Float Data Type  
  • Double Data Type  
  • String Data Type  
  • Boolean Data Type  
  • Character Data Type  
  • Playing around Variables  
Operators in Swift
  • Introduction to operators  
  • Addition Operator  
  • Substration Operator  
  • Multiplication Operator  
  • Division Operator  
  • Modulus Operator  
Comments & Print Statements
  • Introduction to Comments & Print Statements  
  • Printing a String  
  • Printing a variable  
  • Exploring Variables More  
  • Using Comments  
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