Course: How to develop a translator app in MIT App Inventor 2

How to develop a translator app in MIT App Inventor 2

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  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App
About this Course

Do you know most of the app ideas never come to live because most of us don’t know to code? Well, what I do is I help others to develop their dream app without programming. There is an extremely powerful alternative to programming which is gaining more popularity these days. It is called MIT app inventor 2 which runs on Blockly. I will teach you MIT App Inventor 2, In fact, we will together create an amazing translator app using it.

If you ever had a dream about creating an app and never achieved it because you don't know to code then this course is absolutely for you. I am sure, you will be very excited to enroll in the course after you watch a free preview of what we are going to create.

Course goals

  • Learn MIT app Inventor basics
  • Use lists like a pro
  • Using extensions
  • Use Google Translate API
  • Create a Voice to Voice translation screen
  • Designing the app
  • Debugging and improving the app

You just need to spend 4 hours per week to build a beautiful translator within a month when you follow this course. Just dive into the beautiful journey right now by clicking the enroll button.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to create android apps
  • Anyone who wants to learn ai2 app inventor
  • Anyone who wants to use google translate api in there project
Basic knowledge
  • Should have basic computer skills and should be very interested to create android apps
What you will learn
  • Students will learn how to use blockly programming for developing an android app
  • Students will gain good understanding of using platforms like ai2 app inventor, thunkable, appy builder and other similar platforms
  • Students will learn how to use google cloud console to create a google translate API key
  • Students will learn about designing and debugging the app
Number of Lectures: 65
Total Duration: 05:30:34
  • Preview of the App  
  • Introduction  
A Quick Guide to Getting Started with Thunkable
  • A Quick Guide to Getting Started with Thunkable - Introduction  
  • Say hi to interface  
  • More about interface  
  • What are blocks and how can we use them  
How to Use Lists and List View
  • How to Use Lists & List View - Introduction  
  • Progress of the app  
  • Adding Listview  
  • Making lists functionable  
  • Testing the list  
  • Adding a new line in List view  
  • API level Notice  
  • Delete list item  
Using TinyDB to Store the Information
  • Using TinyDB to Store the Information - Introduction  
  • Introduction to TinyDB  
  • Blocks of TinyDB  
  • Using TinyDB for List  
Using WebApi Component
  • Using WebApi Component - Introduction  
  • Introduction to Web API component  
  • Web API blocks  
  • How to build a request url  
  • Creating API key  
  • Building post url in Thunkable  
  • Adding Taifun text box  
  • Taifun text box blocks  
  • JSON text decode  
  • Web API completed  
  • Debugging the error in Web API blocks  
Adding Translation for Multiple Languages Support
  • Adding Translation for Multiple Languages Support - Introduction  
  • Adding Listpicker  
  • Enabling the list picker mechanism  
  • Translating to different languages using Listpicker selection  
Adding a Speech Recognizer
  • Adding a Speech Recognizer - Introduction  
  • Languages compatible with Taifun speech recognizer  
  • Adding Taifun speech recognizer to the project  
  • Adding language compatibility to speech recognizer  
  • Taifun speech recognizer final  
Voice to Voice Translation Screen
  • Voice to Voice Translation Screen - Introduction  
  • Adding a V2V screen  
  • User interface of V2V screen  
  • Blocks of V2V screen 1  
  • Blocks of V2V screen 2  
  • Blocks of V2V screen 3  
  • Debugging an error in V2V screen  
  • Adding the Text to speech component  
Designing the App
  • Designing the App  
  • Changing the Screen Background  
  • Adjusting the arrangements properly  
  • Adding a space between the buttons  
  • Designing List view and text box arrangement  
  • Changing the position of listpicker  
  • Designing textboxes  
  • Spinner design  
  • Designing buttons  
  • Positioning the list view properly  
  • Designing the list picker  
  • V2V screen design  
  • Placing the Bottom screen in between the text box arrangements  
  • Button design  
  • Spinner design 2  
  • Text box design  
  • Back button design  
  • Disable the visibility of status bar  
  • What is .aia file  
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