Course: How to develop a translator app in MIT App Inventor 2 (No programming required)

How to develop a translator app in MIT App Inventor 2 (No programming required)

  • Life Time Access
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App
  • Self-Paced
About this Course

Do you know most of the app ideas never come to live because most of us don’t know to code? Well, what I do is I help others to develop their dream app without programming. There is an extremely powerful alternative to programming which is gaining more popularity these days. It is called MIT app inventor 2 which runs on Blockly. I will teach you MIT App Inventor 2, In fact, we will together create an amazing translator app using it.

If you ever had a dream about creating an app and never achieved it because you don't know to code then this course is absolutely for you. I am sure, you will be very excited to enroll in the course after you watch a free preview of what we are going to create.

Course goals

  • Learn MIT app Inventor basics
  • Use lists like a pro
  • Using extensions
  • Use Google Translate API
  • Create a Voice to Voice translation screen
  • Designing the app
  • Debugging and improving the app

You just need to spend 4 hours per week to build a beautiful translator within a month when you follow this course. Just dive into the beautiful journey right now by clicking the enroll button.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to create android apps
  • Anyone who wants to learn ai2 app inventor
  • Anyone who wants to use google translate api in there project
Basic knowledge
  • Should have basic computer skills and should be very interested to create android apps
What you will learn
  • Students will learn how to use blockly programming for developing an android app
  • Students will gain good understanding of using platforms like ai2 app inventor, thunkable, appy builder and other similar platforms
  • Students will learn how to use google cloud console to create a google translate API key
  • Students will learn about designing and debugging the app
Number of Lectures: 65
Total Duration: 05:30:34
  • Preview of the App  
  • Introduction  
A Quick Guide to Getting Started with Thunkable
  • A Quick Guide to Getting Started with Thunkable - Introduction  
  • Say hi to interface  
  • More about interface  
  • What are blocks and how can we use them  
How to Use Lists and List View
  • How to Use Lists & List View - Introduction  
  • Progress of the app  
  • Adding Listview  
  • Making lists functionable  
  • Testing the list  
  • Adding a new line in List view  
  • API level Notice  
  • Delete list item  
Using TinyDB to Store the Information
  • Using TinyDB to Store the Information - Introduction  
  • Introduction to TinyDB  
  • Blocks of TinyDB  
  • Using TinyDB for List  
Using WebApi Component
  • Using WebApi Component - Introduction  
  • Introduction to Web API component  
  • Web API blocks  
  • How to build a request url  
  • Creating API key  
  • Building post url in Thunkable  
  • Adding Taifun text box  
  • Taifun text box blocks  
  • JSON text decode  
  • Web API completed  
  • Debugging the error in Web API blocks  
Adding Translation for Multiple Languages Support
  • Adding Translation for Multiple Languages Support - Introduction  
  • Adding Listpicker  
  • Enabling the list picker mechanism  
  • Translating to different languages using Listpicker selection  
Adding a Speech Recognizer
  • Adding a Speech Recognizer - Introduction  
  • Languages compatible with Taifun speech recognizer  
  • Adding Taifun speech recognizer to the project  
  • Adding language compatibility to speech recognizer  
  • Taifun speech recognizer final  
Voice to Voice Translation Screen
  • Voice to Voice Translation Screen - Introduction  
  • Adding a V2V screen  
  • User interface of V2V screen  
  • Blocks of V2V screen 1  
  • Blocks of V2V screen 2  
  • Blocks of V2V screen 3  
  • Debugging an error in V2V screen  
  • Adding the Text to speech component  
Designing the App
  • Designing the App  
  • Changing the Screen Background  
  • Adjusting the arrangements properly  
  • Adding a space between the buttons  
  • Designing List view and text box arrangement  
  • Changing the position of listpicker  
  • Designing textboxes  
  • Spinner design  
  • Designing buttons  
  • Positioning the list view properly  
  • Designing the list picker  
  • V2V screen design  
  • Placing the Bottom screen in between the text box arrangements  
  • Button design  
  • Spinner design 2  
  • Text box design  
  • Back button design  
  • Disable the visibility of status bar  
  • What is .aia file  
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