Course: Objective-C Crash Course for Swift Developers

Objective-C Crash Course for Swift Developers

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  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App
  • Self-Paced
About this Course

This course is designed for iOS developers who only know Swift. In order to get a job as an iOS developer you need to know the basics of Objective-C. Also there are still a ton of libraries and tutorials all written in Objective-C.

This is the BEST Objective-C course out there!


  • You will watch video lectures that teach you the principles.
  • You then complete exercises to help you retain what you learn
  • You have access to free live help in the chatroom
  • You have access to the community forums so you can find answers to questions
  • You will get access to all source code and files needed to complete the course

There is 8.5 hours of video content for you to complete. You will spend an additional 15-20 hours working on exercises to help you retain the knowledge.


  • All of my courses are screencasts Youtube style - SUPER FUN
  • I ALWAYS teach you the underlying principle (and not just do X,Y,Z)
  • I actively personally help my students in their career goals
  • I have a HUGE free chatroom where you can get help (4500+ active members)
  • I have online forums where you can post code, projects, and connect with other developers


"I am a veteran mobile developer having built over 57 mobile apps for iOS and Android. I owned two tech consulting companies that were highly successful. I have worked on Call of Duty and worked with other top titles and companies such as Logitech, Yellow Pages, the LDS Church, Cookie Dough Bites, and many more.

I also spend most of my days now as a professional engineering instructor - changing the lives of students throughout the world - going from being broke to making up to 85k+ a year within 6 months.

My passion is helping people reveal hidden talents and guide them into the world of startups and programming. I currently am teaching iOS 9, Apple TV & tvOS, React & Flux web development, Objective-C, Swift 2, Android, Javascript, Node, and Java."

Who is the target audience?

  • If you know the basics of Swift take this course
  • If you know the basics of iOS take this course
  • If you have never written any code in your life don't take this course
Basic knowledge
  • Need a Mac with OSX year 2010 or newer or PC Running OSX
What you will learn
  • Write code in Objective-C
  • Convert Swift iOS Apps into Objective-C
  • Convert Objective-C iOS Apps into Swift
  • Build Simple Node & Express Servers and APIs
  • Communicate between iOS apps and Servers
Number of Lectures: 53
Total Duration: 08:20:06
Getting Started With Objective-C
  • Intro to Course  

    Introduction to the course and what we'll be covering

  • Build an iOS App in Objective-C  
  • Exercise 01: Your own Objective-C app  
  • Anatomy of an Objective-C file  
  • Objective-C Properties & Instance Variables  
  • Objective-C Getters & Setters  
  • Objective-C Pointers  

    You'll learn about how both local and instance variables work in Objective-C and you'll learn about pointers.

  • Exercise 02: Convert this Swift App to Objective-C  
  • Objective-C Strings with NSString  

    Learn how to work with NSString in Objective-C.

  • Objective-C Numbers  
  • Exercise 03 - Convert this app to Objective-C  
A Deeper Look Into Objective-C
  • Objective-C Conditionals & BOOL  

    Learn how to use conditional logic with BOOL and if else statements with Objective-C for iOS apps

  • Objective-C Methods (aka Functions)  

    Learn how to work with Objective-C Methods and also compare them to Swift functions

  • Objective-C NSArray & NSMutableArray  

    Learn how to work with Arrays in Objective-C - both NSArray and NSMutableArray

  • Objective-C NSDictionary & NSMutableDictionary  

    Learn how to work with NSDictionary and NSMutableDictionary in Objective-C for iOS apps

  • Objective-C Loops & fast enumeration  

    Learn how to work with loops and fast enumeration in Objective-C for iOS apps

  • Objective-C Object Oriented Programming  

    Learn how to work with Classes and Inheritance in Objective-C. Also learn of some about what features are not available in Objective-C classes but that are available in Swift for iOS apps

  • Exercise 04: RTFD  
Advanced Topics
  • Objective-C Weak vs strong & retain cycles  

    Learn the important differences between weak and strong. Also learn about retain cycles and how to avoid them in Objective-C for iOS apps

  • Objective-C Initializers  

    Learn how to create and work with initializers and designated initializers in Objective-C for iOS apps

  • Exercise 05: Translate this Swift code into Objective-C  

    Completely recreate this Swift project in Objective-C

  • Objective-C Nullability (Like Swift optionals)  

    Learn how to write safer code in Objective-C using Nullability - which is similar to Optionals in Swift for iOS apps

  • Objective-C Categories  

    Learn how to extend functionality of classes with Objective-C categories - similar to Swift extensions for iOS apps

  • Exercise 06: Categories  

    Convert this Swift extension into an Objective-C category and test that it works the same

  • Swift and Objective-C Interoperability  

    Learn how to use Swift in Objective-C projects and Objective-C in Swift projects for iOS apps

  • Exercise 07: Create Swift iOS Chat App (With source code & graphics)  

    You will completely recreate this Objective-C Chat app into Swift

Devslope's Tutorials App
  • Intro to App  

    Take a look at the awesome things you are going to build in this Objective-C iOS app

  • App: Project creation & Singleton  

    We'll create our Objective-C project and learn about how to create Singletons in Objective-C

  • App: Creating our Node server and designing the API  

    You will create your own Node and Express server and then learn how to design your API

  • App: NSURLSession, Blocks and talking to the server  

    In this lesson you will learn how to create a robust http service with NSURLSession and Objective-C Blocks

  • App: Storyboards, IBOutlets and a custom UITableViewCell in Objective-C  

    Learn how to create a custom view class in Objective-C and build out the other views for the project

  • App: Table views & implementing a protocol in Objective-C  

    Learn how to work with UITableViews and protocols in Objective-C

  • App: IBOutlets & showing data in cells in Objective-C  

    Create the IBOutlets and show the data in the custom cell in Objective-C

  • App: UIWebView, Loading HTML, CSS & Javascript & playing Youtube videos  

    You will learn how to work with UIWebView & UIWebViewDelegate. You'll learn how to load HTML strings into the webview and you'll also learn how to load CSS dynamically into your webview through Javscript and Objective-C. Lastly you'll learn how to play Youtube videos.

  • App: Source Code  

    Download the source code

  • App: Creating a POST request from Objective-C on iOS  

    Learn how to make HTTP POST requests and how to handle them on your server from your iOS app in Objective-C

  • Exercise 08: Extending our app  

    You are going to add some awesome features to your Objective-C app and backend Node server for your iOS app

BONUS: Javascript Primer In Preparation for Building A Server
  • Installing a Web IDE  

    Learn about some of the popular web development IDE's and then we'll install one

  • Javascript Resources  

    Learn where to go to get help with Javascript problems

  • Javascript Strings  

    Learn how to work with Strings in Javascript

  • Javascript Conditionals  

    Learn how to work with if and else statements and do conditional logic in Javascript

  • Javascript Numbers  

    Learn how to work with numbers and perform math operations in Javascript

  • Javascript Loops & Arrays  

    Learn the basics of Javascript Arrays & Loops

  • Javascript Objects  

    Learn how to work with Javascript objects - one of the most important data structures in Javascript

  • Javascript Bind  

    Learn the importance of the Javascript bind function and how it can save you

BONUS: Working With Node & Express
  • Installing Node  

    Learn how to install Node Js

  • Installing Node (part 2) & running it  

    Another video on how to install node and do some simple operations from the Node shell

  • Node Basics & NPM  

    Learn the basics of Node and the Node Package Manager (NPM)

  • Node Module Exports  

    Learn how to create an use your own Node modules with require

  • NPM readline-sync  

    Learn how to use the readline-sync package to get user input from the terminal

  • Exercise 09: Node Calculator  

    You will create a simple calculator in Node

  • Creating a Simple Express Server  

    You will learn how to create simple Node and Express servers that will allow your mobile apps the ability to talk to a back-end

  • Creating Express Server (Alternate version)  

    Build a simple express server and understand the NPM packages that allow you to build your server for your Objective-C iOS app

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