Course: Become a Film or TV Casting Director

Become a Film or TV Casting Director

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About this Course

Casting Directors organize the casting (selecting) of Actors for all roles in a film. The casting director is responsible for working with the Director and Producer to understand their requirements. 

The casting director “finds & discovers” talent, makes recommendations, and handles auditions and casting sessions. Once the film is cast, he or she also oversees contracts and other negotiations and works closely with the director and with actors and their agents. 

Become a Film of Casting Director course is instructed by Brandon Rodriguez. As a casting director, Brandon is an advocate for actors - his passion for actors and their craft is evidenced by both his approach in the room and the material with which he chooses to align himself. Drawing on his early experiences as an actor, he takes great care to create a safe, creative, and collaborative environment for actors. Ultimately, he is committed to cultivating a mutual quest for verisimilitude.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in becoming a casting director
Basic knowledge
  • There are no prerequisites or previous knowledge needed for this course. This course teaches how to become a casting director starting at the beginner level
What you will learn
  • Network and make the right connections. Make offers and deals. Find the right actors for the right roles. Read with actors. Run auditions. Understand SAG-AFTRA contracts
  • Finds & discovers” talent, makes recommendations, and handles auditions and casting sessions
Number of Lectures: 26
Total Duration: 04:27:08
Casting Director
  • 1.1 Introduction  
  • 1.2 Process of Becoming Casting Director  
  • 1.3 Finding an Acting Studio  
  • 1.4 Reading with Actors  
  • 1.5 Running an Audition  
  • 1.6 The Art of Offers and Deal Making  
  • 1.7 Value of Relationship Building  
  • 1.8 Getting Your Child into the Business  
  • 1.9 Getting in as an Adult  
  • 1.10 How to Get to LA-NY  
  • 1.11 What to do Once You Have the Audition  
  • 1.12 Agents and Managers  
  • 1.13 Digital Influence  
  • 1.14 IMBD vs IMBDPro  
  • 1.15 Union vs Nonunion  
  • 1.16 Headshots and Resume  
  • 1.17 Casting for Television  
  • 1.18 Casting for Film  
  • 1.19 Indie Films  
  • 1.20 Studio Films  
  • 1.21 Talent Payment  
  • 1.22 The Importance of Being Organized  
  • 1.23 What is a Casting Director  
  • 1.24 Process of Auditioning to Booking to Completion  
  • 1.25 Personal Story  
  • 1.26 Conclusion  
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