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How To Write A Movie Script : Film Scriptwriting

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About this Course

Scriptwriting For Beginners: Begin Screenwriting For The Movies: How To Write A Movie Script

For beginners, the idea of screenwriting seems to be way beyond anything that we're capable of, but like many things in life that we know very little about, the opposite is true - scriptwriting is for anyone!

There's a saying in Hollywood that goes something like this: "Nobody knows anything and anybody can do anything" , which just about opens it up for everyone! To succeed at movie scriptwriting you need these basic essentials:

  • How to develop a great idea and produce a scriptwriting gem
  • How to create an appealing story from a great idea
  • Understand what movie producers are looking for in scriptwriting
  • How to structure your screenwriting so that it hooks the reader
  • Beginners should know how to present the results of their screenwriting in industry format
  • How to write the pitch for your screenwriting
  • Where to pitch your movie script

This course shows you the basics of screenwriting in detail and covers all the points above. Scriptwritingis a craft - great news for us, beginners and all, because it means that anyone can learn it! all you need is this course 'How To Write A Movie Script : Scriptwriting Basics' and you're half-way there. Information is the key to your success.

Good grounding for a beginner. Explanations are basic and structured, but he doesn't talk down to you. Jeremy Gaines

These are great basic explanations of what makes a movie tick and how to put a script together. Tells you what keeps an audience on the edge of their seats. The script analysis alone is worth the price. Ben Kramer

In another course 'How To Write Novels' I describe the structure behind 99% of modern novels. This same structure also applies to the movies, with some subtle differences. One of the essential tools for any budding scriptwriting genius is script analysis, and we pull apart the movie Die Hard to see what makes it tick - exactly what makes a movie like this so successful? This is how it works - analyze something that's successful and then apply the principles to your own work. It's true that the best way to learn how to write a movie script is by doing it!

Finally, I cover the best way to pitch your idea to producers or agents to get the best results. The industry appetite for new material is surging upwards over the last couple of years and studios need new writers. Scriptwriting isn't such a difficult thing - if you're organized and understand the industry requirements.

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Who is the target audience?

  • Beginners who want to learn film scriptwriting
  • Scriptwriting beginners wanting to write for the movies
Basic knowledge
  • Students should have a good command of written English
What you will learn
  • Layout screenwriting script to the correct format and learn scriptwriting
  • How to apply the three act structure to film scriptwriting
  • Know how to analyze scriptwriting examples - movie script screenplay (Die Hard)
  • Submit a screenplay to a scriptwriting agent or producer
  • How to write a screenwriting pitch letter
  • How to write a screenplay filled with with conflict and drama
  • How to use online tools to help with screenwriting
Number of Lectures: 9
Total Duration: 01:04:50
Intro - ' How To Write A Movie Script : Film Scriptwriting ' - Creative Aspects
  • Intro To The Course : ' How To Write A Movie Script : Film Scriptwriting '  

    The whole process of writing a movie script can be broken down into discrete and simple sections:

    • Idea
    • Story
    • Story Development (Story Arc)
    • Transfer the story to the script
    • Formatting
    • Submission

    In this course I'm going to cover each part in some detail, so by the end of the course a complete beginner will be able to write a screenplay.

  • Story Telling When Screenwriting  

    The essentials of a great movie are basically the same as in a great novel, it's just presented in a different way. In this lecture I break down the story essentials and describe the elements of a good tale:

    • Genre
    • Theme
    • Plot
    • Characters
    • Hero
    • Villain
    • Support Characters
    • Dialogue
  • The Importance Of The Story Arc In Screenwriting  

    Now that you understand the things that you need to include in your story, it's tile to look at how we transfer it into a movie script.

    Since the time of Aristotle, who postulated the basic three act structure of any story-telling medium, the same structure has been used with minor variations to thrill lovers of an adventure.

    The basic story arc consists of a phase of exposition, where the setting and characters are established; rising action, where the hero faces the challenges placed in front of him by the antagonist, and falling action, when the hero overcomes and situations normalize.

    An important aspect of the struggle by the hero is the Character Arc, when he changes internally as a result of his journey.

Screenwriting - How To Transfer The Story To A Movie Script
  • Movie Script Characters And Setup  

    The beginning 25% of the movie script is concerned with setting the scene and introducing the main characters. It's a time of normality before the hero is pushed to follow a quest after an inciting event. In this phase of the script, back-history is revealed and also the main weakness of the hero described.

  • Movie Script Formatting and Directions  

    In this lecture I present the industry standard for a movie script, including standard indentations for script directions, and the directions themselves.

  • Pro Tips For Writing A Movie Script  

    In addition to the basic structure of a movies script, there are certain ways that a pro writes a script that sets it apart from an amateur.

Screenwriting - Movie Script Analysis, Tools and Submission
  • Movie Script Analysis - Die Hard  

    Script analysis is a powerful tool for the new script writer. Read and tear apart as many movie scripts that you can, particularly successful ones.

    If you do this a lot, and apply the same techniques to your own work, you will come up with good scripts quickly. I describe the process in this lecture by starting to analyze Die Hard, a movie with Bruce Willis made in 1988.

  • Movie Screenplay Writing Tools - Amazon Storywriter  

    A good script writing tools can save you hours upon hours of time. IMO Amazon Storywriter is all you need in a simple application - and it's free!

  • Conclusion To Course and Submitting Your Script  
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