Course: Word Like a Boss – Skills for 77-725 Certification

Word Like a Boss – Skills for 77-725 Certification

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About this Course

Word Like a Boss – Skills for 77-725 Certification and Mastery of Longer Documents

A novel manuscript. A legal filing. A term paper. All of these require digging beyond Word's default settings.

So whether it’s time to prove your proficiency, or take that next step in your career…

This is the course for you.

Join author, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and bestselling instructor Brian Culp for a tour of Microsoft Word covering all the skills (plus more) needed to achieve your 77-725 certification. You’ll gain confidence when creating documents that are 10 pages, 100 pages, or even 1000.

Brian has been teaching and writing for over 15 years for publishers like O'Reilly, McGraw Hill, and many others. Now, he brings that expertise to some of the highest-rated Office courses on the planet. There's a reason for the hundreds of five-star reviews.

"Excellent content! Just what I was looking for to enhance productivity at the office." -Paige Popejoy

"Great personality and explained things well. Felt like he was at my desk explaining it to me." -William Potts

"I can't believe how much I learned. The instructor is great and the lessons were so easy to follow." -Sherie L.

"Very precise, clear and constructive." -Forent Sidler

"Perfect." -Yvonne Belo

Best of all, you get ongoing support (student questions are usually answered within in one business day). Plus, you're always covered by the refund policy. 

Enroll now, and finally tame that long document you've been writing for months. (And PROVE what you know by getting certified while you're at it.)

See you in class!


Basic knowledge
  • This course was created with the latest version of Office 365, which means that features will be relevant in Word 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010. Mac or PC. No prior experience with Microsoft Word is required
What you will learn

The topics of this Microsoft Word course map to the 77-725 learning objectives, meaning that you'll be building these essential Word skills:

  • Setting the default font and spacing
  • Eliminating Widows and Orphans 
  • Adding sources and bibliographies
  • Using footnotes and endnotes
  • Inserting Page and Section breaks
  • Changing slide deck themes - for all slides on just a few
  • Plus, many more tips and tricks learned from 15 years of experience
Number of Lectures: 65
Total Duration: 04:51:18
  • Introduction  
  • Course Goals  
  • Download Material  
Create and Manage Documents
  • Add Page Numbers  
  • Change Page Number Formatting  
  • Character Formatting  
  • Different First Page Haeder - Exercise  
  • Duplicate Formatting Choices  
  • Edit Header  
  • Instant Header  
  • Make a Callout - Exercise  
  • Manage Tabs  
  • Manual Header  
  • Paragraph Formatting  
  • Remove Formatting  
  • Understand Indents  
  • Understand Spacing  
Format Text Paragraphs Sections
  • Adjust Text Position  
  • Default Font  
  • Document Headings  
  • Document Theme  
  • Fill and Format Effects  
  • Find Replace Formatting  
  • Insert Symbols and Special Characters  
  • Page Breaks  
  • Section Breaks  
  • Sentence Case  
  • Text Styles  
  • Use a Column Break  
  • Widow and Orphan  
Create Tables and Lists
  • Add a Table  
  • Align Text and Delete Table Content  
  • AutoCorrect Options  
  • Calculate Table Values  
  • Control Bullets  
  • Convert Tabs to Tables  
  • Customize Lists  
  • Edit Table Contents  
  • Edit the Office Dictionary  
  • Proofing Options_Manual SpellCheck  
  • Understand Lists  
  • Understand Word Proofing  
  • Use Excel Data  
  • Use the Thesaurus  
  • Work with Columns  
Create and Manage References
  • Add Sources  
  • Configure and Insert Index  
  • Insert Bibliography  
  • Insert Footnote  
  • Manual TOC for ebook  
  • Table of Contents  
  • Use Endnotes  
Insert and Format Graphics Elements
  • Add Text to Shape  
  • Adjust Crop and Wrap  
  • Anchor Thingie  
  • Fine Tune Object Placement  
  • Insert Picture  
  • Link Text Boxes  
  • Resize and Crop  
  • Save All Images  
  • Screen Clippings  
  • Swap Pic in Tempate - Exercise  
  • TextBox and Pic - Exercise  
  • Text Box  
  • WordArt  
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