Course: Beat Making Master Course - For Beginners (ANY DAW)

Beat Making Master Course - For Beginners (ANY DAW)

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About this Course

If you are looking to create quality beats & instrumentals that will attract serious artists, get placements in TV/Film, and gain you respect from peers in the music industry, then learning the fundamentals of music production is the first place to start. Just like in the game of basketball learning and applying fundamentals wins games, and in music gets you better opportunities.

Make beats the way you imagine them!

Practice your beat making skills while you learn! This course includes downloadable resources and practice video files so you can Learn while doing each production technique or principle!

By the end of this course you will have created an itemized budget for your dream studio and a professional hip hop beat from start to finish.

I will be using GarageBand to teach the course. But, the principles and production techniques you will learn are universal, so they can be applied to any daw.

What Qualifies Me to Teach You?

My name is Joseph Evans and I have been producing music for over 10 years. Plus I'm the creator of some of the world's best music related video courses online - with over 20,000 students and hundreds of 5 star reviews.

What Is This Music Production Bootcamp Course All About?

In this complete beginners guide to producing professional beats and instrumentals, you'll not only learn several proven production techniques and principles to improve your sound, but also how to use them in real life with the mindset of a music producer.

Learn from someone who is currently working in the music industry, and has a Recording Arts Degree from one of the top entertainment schools in the nation.

BONUS: As a bonus, you'll receive supplemental audio clips to practice with while I teach you.

By the end of this course you will gain elevated confidence as a music producer; And thoroughly understand how to make professional beats and instrumentals for fun or business.

So click the enroll button now and I will see you inside! 


Joseph Evans

Who this course is for:

  • Take this course if you are confused about what type of equipment and software is needed to produce professional music?
  • Take this course if you are serious about improving your sound but don’t have the time or money to go to a professional recording school to learn music production
  • Take this course if you have always wanted to produce music but don’t know where to start
  • Don't take this course if you are a very good and experienced music producer
  • Don't take this course if you are not a beginner
Basic knowledge
  • No experience is needed to take this course just be willing to take notes and apply what you will learn
What you will learn
  • Learn the fundamentals of music production, which includes the recording process and some basics editing and mixing tips that will help you get on the fast track to producing professional music
  • Learn song structure and how to arrange your beats so that artists can easily record songs with your music
  • Build a professional production studio that will help you make better beats
Number of Lectures: 27
Total Duration: 01:36:08
Music Production Bootcamp For Beginners (Overview)
  • Introduction  

    Welcome to "Music Production Bootcamp For Beginners" where you will learn how to make professional beats and instrumentals. All the techniques you will learn are universal, which means they can be applied to any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Although the music production principles taught can be applied to any beat making software like Logic Pro X, Ableton, FL Studio, Reason, Maschine, etc. we will be using GarageBand to show you how to do the production techniques. This is not a tutorial on GarageBand but you will learn the basics about the main functions of the DAW, mainly because these functions are in almost every program. 

Build Your Dream Studio
  • Build Your Own Production Studio  

    You will know the basic specs of the type of computer you will need to make beats. In addition, you will learn about 4 other pieces of equipment every producer should have to produce music or instrumentals. This list includes: your DAW (digital audio workstation), a digital interface, MIDI or usb keyboard, and studio monitors. You will also learn the price range and best brands you should choose when purchasing these items.

  • Picking Your DAW  
  • Build Your Own Studio (Resource eBook)  

    This 2 page ebook covers what was discussed in the previous lectures on building your production studio. It also gives you more details about choosing the right equipment and software to get started producing professional music.

  • Build Your Own Studio (Action Step #1)  

    After downloading the "Build Your Studio Action Steps" pdf in the downloadable materials part of this lecture, you will complete an itemized budget for your dream studio.

Music Production Fundamentals
  • Music Production Fundamentals  

    When I played high school football, my coach always used to tell me "Its the little things, It's about the little things!" This is true in music production as well. I can almost guarantee you that if you make just a few small adjustments to your beat making process you will see big results. 

    In this lecture you will learn the fundamentals of music production that most up and coming music producers over look when just getting started.

  • How to Count Bars - Simple Technique  
  • Critical Listening Exercise  
  • Music Fundamentals (Action Step #2)  
Building The Beat
  • Beat Making Process  

    Just like there is a process to baking a cake there is a process to making beats. Following this process is very important, especially as a novice music producer. It will give you a blue print to follow that will allow you to achieve consistent results. The best thing about understanding the process of beat making is that you can use it to make beats in any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or production environment.

    In this lecture you will learn step by step what you should be doing when making beats.

  • Building The Beat  

    Building the beat is probably the funnest part of the production process. This is your time to go wild and create whatever comes to your mind without limits. 

    In this lecture you will learn several production tips you can use to help you stay focused during the beat making process.

  • Editing The Beat  

    Quantization will ensure that your music is in sync with the groove of the beat. If your music is not properly quantized it will sound unprofessional.

    In this lecture you will gain a detailed understanding of the concepts of quantization such as snapping to the grid and beat resolution. You will also learn several editing techniques you can use in any DAW (digital audio workstation) to help you create a more polished sound.

  • Building The Beat Exercise  
  • Building the beat (Action Step #3)  
Arranging The Beat (Song Format)
  • Arranging The Beat (Part 1)  

    Most producers just getting started fail to realize the importance of learning song structure. They create amazing loops, but that in and of itself is not enough to make a hit record. 

    In this lecture you will learn the various sections that every good song has and how to properly format your beats so that the make sense musically.

  • Arranging The Beat (Part 2)  

    Learning song format will help you create music that recording artists can easily record to. Understanding this process will drastically help improve the quality of your music and help you compete with other music professionals in the industry.

    In this lecture you will learn more song formatting techniques that you can apply to your beats 

  • Arranging The Beat (Action Step #5)  
Mixing The Beat
  • Mixing Tips  

    Having a good mix on your music will drastically improve your sound and attract serious artists as well as better opportunities in the music industry.

    In this lecture you will learn several basic mixing tips you can follow to give your beats a more professional sound.

  • Mixing Tips - Live Example (Part 1)  
  • Mixing Tips - Live Example (Part 2)  
  • Mixing The Beat (Action Step #6)  
Bouncing Down Your Music
  • Creating A Finished Product  
  • Audio Quality Settings  
  • How to Create Your Own Beat Tag (Part 1)  
  • How to Create Your Own Beat Tag (Part 2)  
  • Conclusion (Action Step #7)  
  • Audio Files  
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