Course: How to Be a DJ

How to Be a DJ

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About this Course

David Pezza, an accredited DJ and Music producer with over 15 years of experience in both fields, will instruct you on the fundamentals of being a disc jockey in this instructional “How to be a DJ” course. 

David will first talk about what a DJ is and go in depth into the gear and workspace that a DJ uses in their career. He will then go into the technique of mixing, beat matching, looping, and effects. This course will also feature Scratching, also known as scrubbing, Mobile DJ, and using a microphone as a MC. David will bring in three different experts to introduce and demonstrate these techniques. The type of music you play will also be essential as you determine what kind of DJ you want to be; this will also play into the type of gigs you can perform at and the importance of engaging your audience. 

How to be a DJ is a great way to learn the tools and trade of the DJ industry and find out if this is the right career for you! 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning about the techniques and qualities needed to be a successful DJ
Basic knowledge
  • There are no prerequisites or previous knowledge needed for in order to take this course
What you will learn
  • Apply the techniques they learned to expertly perform the responsibilities of a professional DJ
  • Learn the gear and the workspace that a DJ uses
Number of Lectures: 23
Total Duration: 03:13:18
How to Be A DJ
  • Course Introduction  
  • Gear Part 1  
  • Workspace  
  • What Music to Play  
  • Mixer and Beatmatching Part 1  
  • Mixer and Beatmatching Part 2  
  • Mixer and Beatmatching Part 3  
  • Controller  
  • Looping and Effects Part 1  
  • Looping and Effects Part 2  
  • Scratch DJ Introduction  
  • Scratch DJ Part 1  
  • Scratch DJ Part 2  
  • Scratch DJ Demo  
  • Scratch DJ Outro  
  • Playing to an Audience  
  • Mobile DJ Introduction  
  • Mobile DJ Part 1  
  • Mobile DJ Part 2  
  • Using a Microphone Part 1  
  • Using a Microphone Part 2  
  • Troubleshooting  
  • Recap  
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