Course: How to Professionally Record Music

How to Professionally Record Music

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About this Course

David Pezza, an accredited DJ and Music producer with over 15 years of experience in both fields, will instruct you on the fundamentals of being a how to professionally record music in this instructional course. 

David films in an actual recording studio and will record a song from the ground up that will involve recording, mixing and mastering it. He starts off with a tour of the studio and introducing the all the equipment in the studio. He talks about the various types microphones that are used to record and what they are specifically for in the recording process. David also talks about more studio equipment and prepares the studio to start recording. You go through the recording process including recording the instruments and vocals. Then mix edit and master final song.

Professionally recording a song is a somewhat tedious operation, but this course provides you in detail every process so you can record a hit song. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in professionally producing music
  • Anyone interested in the detailed process of recording a hit song
Basic knowledge
  • There are no prerequisites or previous knowledge needed for this course
What you will learn
  • Recording, producing, mixing and creating a commercially marketable song
  • Learn the various types of microphones and the benefits of using each
  • Learn about studio equipment and preparing the studio for recording

Number of Lectures: 52
Total Duration: 06:56:32
How to Professionally Record Music Part 1
  • Introduction  
  • Microphones Part 1  
  • Microphones Part 2  
  • Mic The Bass Cabinet  
  • Tracking With Tape  
  • Mike Johnson Interview  
  • Patching Part 1  
  • Patching Part 2  
  • Setting Up the Digital Audio Workstation  
  • Gobos  
  • Getting Drum Tones Part 1  
  • Getting Drum Tones Part 2  
  • Grouping Tracks  
  • Recording Part 1  
  • Recording Part 2  
  • Recording Part 3  
  • Tracking and Editing Part 1  
  • Tracking and Editing Part 2  
How to Professionally Record Music Part 2
  • Day 2 Introduction Edit  
  • Mic The Guitar Cabinent  
  • Recording Guitar  
  • Mic Tones  
  • Guitar Tone Tracking and Grouping  
  • Guitar Double Recording  
  • Adding Sound Effects  
  • Guitar Solo Recording  
  • Guitar Cabinet and Amp Tips  
  • Mic Phase  
  • Vocals Mics  
  • Mic Shootout Part 1.  
  • Mic Shootout Part 2.  
  • Vocals Recording  
  • Balancing Vocal Tones  
  • Vocal Harmony Recording  
  • Vocal Effects Recording  
  • Keyboard Recording  
  • Recording Conclusion  
How to Professionally Record Music Part 3
  • Mixing Introduction  
  • Mixing Drums Part 1  
  • Mixing Drums Part 2  
  • Mixing Bass  
  • Mixing Tips and Tricks  
  • Fixing Vocals  
  • Printing Vocals  
  • Final Mixing Part 1  
  • Final Mixing Part 2  
  • Final Mixing Part 3  
How to Professionally Record Music Part 4
  • Mastering Introduction  
  • Mastering Part 1  
  • Mastering Part 2  
  • Mixing Recap  
  • Finished Song  
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