Course: Make Songs in GarageBand in Minutes Using Apple Loops

Make Songs in GarageBand in Minutes Using Apple Loops

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About this Course

What if I told you that there was a quick and easy way to learn the process for creating professional background music for your podcast show, youtube channel, online courses, and other projects that require custom music. What if you could learn how to produce industry standard tracks in 30 minutes or less and best of all not have to invest a dime on expensive equipment in order to do so? Well, I have a perfect solution for you! If you have an apple computer I can show you how to use nothing but a program called GarageBand and your computer mouse to create professional background tracks with ease in any genre using something called Apple Loops! 

Now, I'm a music producer with over 10 years of experience. I have a Recording Arts Degree and have taught thousands of students just like you to create professional music. And in this course you're going to learn all the steps needed to create your own background music in GarageBand, the easy way. Now if you don't have GarageBand or even know what it is, don't worry we will be covering how to download it and quickly operate the program in this course. You will also learn how to create your own projects, professional editing techniques, how to arrange and mix your music, and last but not least the proper way to export your tracks into either a mp3 or AIFF/WAV file!

Imagine how you will feel after learning a skill that only requires you to click and drag using your computer mouse, GarageBand, and your creativity! Imagine being able to create the perfect background music on the spot (in any genre) for your video or audio projects! How much money and time would you save? How much stress would you be able to eliminate because getting the right music will now be one less problem to deal with!

So if you are looking for a quick and effective way to learn how to produce professional background music, then this is the course for you enroll now!

See you on the other side!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for beginner GarageBand users that want to create their own background music for youtube videos, online courses, podcast, or radio
  • This course is also for GarageBand users with little to no experience in producing music or playing the piano
Basic knowledge
  • You should be able to use a mac computer at a beginner level
  • You should have a downloaded a copy of the latest version of GarageBand (10.1.6) from the app store 
What you will learn
  • Operate GarageBand
  • Use Apple Loops to create background music
  • Arrange and mix a track in GarageBand
  • Export music as a high quality mp3 or AIFF file
Number of Lectures: 16
Total Duration: 01:51:55
Welcome to "GarageBand: Create Background Music Using Apple Loops"!
  • Welcome to this course  

    Welcome to this course. By the end you will know how to create, edit, arrange, mix, and export a full song using apple loops in GarageBand.

  • How to download GarageBand  

    Learn how to find and download GarageBand in the app store.

Create Your Own Background Music
  • Let's get started  

    Let's get started!

  • Creating a new project  

    Discover how to create a new project and the main features of GarageBand.

  • The many features of Apple Loops  

    Learn about how to quickly find sounds and short clips from any genre of music in apple loops.

  • Drag and dropping your loops into the project window  

    Learn how to drag and drop apple loops in the project window of GarageBand.

  • The main editing techniques you will need to create tracks with apple loops  

    Learn editing techniques and key commands to speed up your workflow in GarageBand.

  • Arranging your loops into a song  

    Learn how to format and arrange your apple loops into a song in GarageBand.

  • Adding transitions  

    Learn how to use transitions to lead into each section of your song.

  • Simple guidelines to follow when mixing your music in GarageBand  

    Simple mixing tips you can use to improve your sound in GarageBand.

  • Exporting your project into a high quality wav or mp3 file  

    Learn the proper exporting settings in GarageBand.

  • Thank you!  

    Thank you for taking this course on how to make background music using apple loops in GarageBand.

  • Make Background Music Using Apple Loops - Review Book  

    Get a better understanding on using key commands and creating the different sections of the song in this downloadable review book.

  • Course Quiz  
Bonus - Live Background Music Creation Videos
  • Bonus - Live Background Music Creation Videos  
  • Live Hip Hop Example  
  • Live EDM / Techno Example  
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