Course: Making Hip Hop Beats in Logic pro x

Making Hip Hop Beats in Logic pro x

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About this Course

Make your own beat from scratch in logic pro x

Make your beat industry standard by using some of the same techniques Producers and engineers use.

All the while showing you studio tricks that are used in Rap and using logic pro's signal flow and third party plug ins that

will help you make your track nice and phat.

Basic knowledge
  • Basic music theory is recommended and there is a free course
  • you can take on this website
What you will learn
  • Create a beat from scratch (Picking drum sounds and synth sounds)
  • Arranging the beat for a Rapper to write to
  • Creating a rough mix to send to a rapper or writer
  • Track the vocals on the beat
  • Mix the beat for mastering
Number of Lectures: 7
Total Duration: 02:38:37
Open up Logic pro x
  • This is how you can make a beat  

    First things first. Pick drum drum sounds and use the music theory

    we've shown to put your beat to a universal grid.

  • Arranging the Beat  

    Now that you have your 8 bar loop created we need

    Arrange it so that a rapper can rap over it

  • Rough mix  

    After arranging the beat the track needs to have a rough mix before

    you send to a rapper or writer

    Down load the the panning chart to give you ideas on where

    to put the sounds in the mix (somethings you'll want left, some right

    and some right up the middle)

  • Tracking the vocal  

    Now that the rapper has written to the beat you've made

    it's time to record their lyrics

    We'll show you how to set up your mic, record your vocal &

    do over dubs

    If you need assistance with tracking a vocal or getting a rapper ready to

    record and you feel they need it here are some sources you can contact.

    Producers out source material

    vocal coaches

    *Crystal Clulee -

    Singers & Rappers

    *Brad chapman -

    Mixing Engineers

    *Cori Jacobs -

    *Dave Fore -

    Mastering engineers

    *Dave Fore =

  • Re-do's  

    You may love your vocals the way they were done on the day of tracking.

    However, sometimes when you wake up the next day your vocals just dont

    make you happy anymore. This is common. Just go back and touch up

    the parts of the vocal you don't like.

  • Mixing the entire track  

    Happy with vocals? If not just go back and watch the previous video again.

    If you are happy then let's mix the vocals and the track together to make

    a song

  • Mastering  

    You've made it this far?!?!

    Congrats! A lot of beats don't make it this far.

    A lot of beats sit on hard drives for years because

    the producer has no idea how to finish them. If you know

    someone who is like this send them to :)

    Mastering is the final touches of a song.

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