Course: Record Vocals & Audio in GarageBand - Improve Your Sound

Record Vocals & Audio in GarageBand - Improve Your Sound

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About this Course

If you would like to learn the proper techniques to record quality vocals and audio for you next song, album, mix-tape, podcast, online course, teaching, or radio show then I have a very special treat for you!

So your search is over!! Learn everything you need to quickly and effectively produce amazing sounding recordings using GarageBand. No experience is required and all musicians, instructors, podcast hosts, voice-over talent, singers, songwriters, rappers, and even preachers are welcome!

All that's left for you to do now is enroll, watch the videos, and get to work!

See you inside :)

Who this course is for:

  • This course is best for those with little no experience in recording or audio production, but would like to learn to save money and be able to quickly release quality and polished sounding content
Basic knowledge
  • Beginners are welcome. All you need is a laptop and the ability to follow instructions
What you will learn
  • Download and operate GarageBand
  • Soundproof your home studio / office
  • Set up your mic and get the proper levels
  • Professionally record audio in GarageBand
  • Trim, cut, copy, paste, and delete audio in GarageBand
  • Add the proper effects to enhance the audio quality
  • Create high quality mp3 and wav files in GarageBand 
Number of Lectures: 12
Total Duration: 01:07:03
Course Introduction
  • Welcome  

    Welcome to the course. In this short video we will be going over whats in this course and how it will benefit you.

Before Getting Started
  • How and where to download GarageBand safely  

    Learn how to download GarageBand from the Apple Store online.

  • The items and equipment you will need to get started  

    Learn about the type of equipment you will need to create professional audio recordings.

  • The basics of soundproofing your home studio or office  

    Learn an affordable way to sound proof your office or recording studio for professional audio recordings in GarageBand.

  • The basics of mic techniques  

    Learn the best way to set up your mic so that you avoid negative feedback, distortion, and clipping in GarageBand and achieve a quality clean sound.

The Recording and Editing Process in GarageBand
  • Creating a new project  

    Walk through the steps of creating a new project in GarageBand so you will be able to quickly set up everything for you to record when ever you get the inspiration or at specific times throughout the day.

  • How to record clean audio recordings in GarageBand  

    Learn several tips to help during the recording process using GarageBand.

  • Editing techniques  

    Learn editing techniques in GarageBand like how to separate and audio clip and move different pieces around within the project window.

  • Effects and how to use them  

    Get familiar with GarageBand's effects and how to use them to improve your sound!

  • How to bounce your track down to a mp3 or wav file (highest quality)  

    Learn about audio settings and how to bounce down your project into high quality mp3 or wav files.

  • Live Example  

    Watch almost 20 minutes of a live recording session within GarageBand.

  • Thank You  

    Thank you for watching this course. If you have questions please ask and stay tuned for the next one!

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