Course: Sound Design

Sound Design

  • Life Time Access
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App
  • Self-Paced
About this Course

The Sound Design course covers all the components of mondern-day synthesizers & samplers and how to develop your own custom patches. It includes: Waveforms, Samplers, Synths, Filters, Modulation, Effects, Automation and more.

Whether you want to produce electronic music or record live instruments, our program covers all of the fundamental knowledge needed to start your career in music production. Our courses are taught using Ableton Live with easy to understand examples and you are not expected to have any previous music or audio engineering experience to take them. Learn at your own pace with lifetime access to the courses and all future updates.

Who is the target audience?

  • Music production beginners looking to learn how to take any sonic idea from your head and design it yourself through synthesis
  • Amateur and semi-profesional producers looking for an affordable in-depth practical course
Basic knowledge
  • Mac or PC computer with a web browser and broadband Internet access
  • Any DAW like Ableton, Logic, Protools, SoundBridge, etc.
  • MIDI controller keyboard and/or padboard (optional)
  • No previous experience required
What you will learn
  • Waveforms
  • Sampled Instruments
  • Synthesizers
  • Filters
  • Modulation
  • MIDI Articulations
  • Insert FX
  • Automation
Number of Lectures: 42
Total Duration: 08:08:59
  • Level Overview  
  • Amplitude, Frequency and Phase  
  • Wave Shapes  
  • Complex Wave Shapes  
  • Spectral Response  
Sampled Instruments
  • Sampled Instruments - Level Overview  
  • Samplers  
  • Using Sampled Instruments  
  • Creating Sampled Instruments  
  • Practical Example  
  • Synthesizers - Level Overview  
  • Intro to Synthesizers  
  • Oscillators  
  • Types of Synthesis  
  • Complex Synthesizers  
  • Synthesizers - Practical Example  
  • Filters - Level Overview  
  • Filtering Sound  
  • Routing  
  • Filters -Practical Example  
  • Modulation - Level Overview  
  • Modulators  
  • Envelopes  
  • LFOs  
  • What to modulate  
  • Modulation - Practical Example  
Midi Articulations
  • Midi Articulations - Level Overview  
  • Velocity  
  • Mod Wheel  
  • Pitch Wheel  
  • Midi Articulations - Practical Example  
Insert FX
  • Insert FX - Level Overview  
  • Basic FX  
  • Signal Flow  
  • FX for Synthesis  
  • Insert FX - Practical Example  
  • Automation - Level Overview  
  • MIDI Mapping  
  • Automation Lanes  
  • Recording Automation  
  • Drawing Automation  
  • Automation - Practical Example  
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