Course: Malware Analysis Expert - Analyzing Malwares from the core

Malware Analysis Expert - Analyzing Malwares from the core

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About this Course

You're here because you're an ethical hacker, penetration tester, digital forensics expert, system administrators, IT admins or any random person who loves computers and likes to interact with them and learn more by exploring malware. This course is for you because this is a beginners to pro i.e. zero to hero course. A complete course with basics from what are malware to how to de-compile them and analyse files if they are malware and find the source of the file. A bundle course with free malware samples and all the tools required are free.

I'm here because I'm the answer to all your questions. I would love to share my secrets and knowledge with you and help you guys to setup an environment for your need and teach you everything you need

Welcome to OneLit Malware Analysis Expert

Malware Analysis Expert !

  • I will also provide proper guidance to start from zero. Most people have problems with starting and don't know where and what to study. The course is for beginners and advance and is divided into parts which will first explain all the theoretical parts and then start with practical video screen recordings while analyzing malware.


  • OneLit Certifications are recognized world wide and once you have completed the course, you will be given a certification called 'OLMAE' i.e. OneLit Certified Malware Analysis Expert.

We’ve left no stone unturned  

  • I guarantee, this is THE most thorough, laser-focused and up-to-date course available ANYWHERE on the market. There are zero courses available on the internet on how to analyze malwares with this lazer-focused teaching and step by step instructions.
  • Every malware is different! 
  • We all know that we have different malware and types of infections. In this course will explore most of them and every malware sample different. Samples are provided with the course.

Why Malware Analysis ?

  • Organizations are facing problems and the cause is unknown and many of them don't even know the source of infection or anti-viruses are used to detect problems. The main problem with them is they don't canalize files i.e. they cannot detect viruses, backdoors, rootkits which are custom crafted. Anti-Viruses or Anti-Malware software have database and signature which are used to scan for viruses but a newly developed virus is not detected and thus it is required to manually analyze viruses and malwares

Who this course is for:

  • Security Professionals
  • Ethical Hackers
  • Penetration Testers (VAPT Experts)
  • Digital Forensics Experts
  • Server Administrators
  • IT Heads
Basic knowledge
  • Free Tools will be provided
  • Internet (You probably have one)
  • Everything will be provided in the course and all tools will be free
What you will learn
  • Malware behavior analysis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Gather Advanced dynamic and static malware analysis
  • Learn to use tools like OllyDbg, IDA Pro, WINDBG
  • Know how to detect and defend from malwares
  • Types of malware and their characteristics and other basic stuff
Number of Lectures: 30
Total Duration: 01:18:15
The Course Overview
  • Everything You Need - Download Tools  
Everything you need to know
  • Malware  

    In this video, we will be talking about malware. We will see a small definition of malware and the characteristics of malware.

  • Replicator  
  • Concealer  
  • Bomb  
  • What is Malware Analysis  
Types of Malware
  • Viruses  
  • Trojans  
  • Worms  
  • Rootkits  
  • Adwares  
  • Ransomware  
  • Backdoors  
  • Malware Infection Statistics  
Methodology of Malware Analysis
  • Manual Code Reversing  
  • Interactive Behavior Analysis  
  • Static Properties Analysis  
  • Automated Analysis  
Setting Up Lab
  • Downloading and Installing VirtualBox  

    In this video we will be talking about virtualbox and virtualization in general and then we wills tart installing virtualbox on our system to setup our malware analysis lab.

  • Flare VM  
  • Flare VM - Method 2  

    Since many people faced issues with downloading FlareVM, this is the second 2019 method of installing flareVM by manually use powershell and downloading FlareVM from github.

  • Snapshots and Other Important Settings  
Dynamic Malware Analysis
  • Dynamic Malware Analysis of Processes  

    As explained in our previous video, in this video, we will be analyzing processes and running malware for dynamically analyzing them.

  • Dynamic Malware Analysis of Network  

    In this video, we will be analyzing the network for connections by executing the malware.

  • Dynamic Malware Analysis of Registry  

    In this lecture we will be analyzing registries after executing the software or malware i.e. Dynamically analyzing malware.

All about debuggers
  • Debuggers and Key terms  
  • Working with OllyDbg  

    In this video, we will be learning about ollyDbg which is the most common debugger and widely used among analyst. We will be practically taking a look at ollydbg.

Static Malware Analysis
  • 8.1 x86 Architecture and Assembly language  

    In this video, we will learn a bit about x86 architecture i.e. 32 bit architecture and a bit about assembly language.

  • Analyzing Binded Multimedia Malware using Hex-Editors  

    In this video, we will be using hex editors to analyze binded malwares i.e. malware binded with mp4, mp3, jpg, jpeg, png files. In our Metasploit expert course, We have seen how to bind malware and backdoors to mp4 and jpg files and even xls files.

  • Extracting malware binaries  

    In this section, we will be extracting malware binaries i.e. dlls and required to run the malware

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