Course: Parsing TCP Socket Data with C/C++

Parsing TCP Socket Data with C/C++

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About this Course

The correct TCP data handling solution using C++

In C/C++, socket programming is one of the most challenging subjects to every developer. Not only the theory of the socket is quite tricky, and there are a lot of things to learn, but we also need much experience and guidance in various cases.

To parse and handle TCP data is that very case. We can recognize the necessity and make sure the solution is correct, only by experience.

With my 16 yrs experience in developing financial trading platforms with Visual C++, I'm sure that you need to learn and utilize this lecture.

Basic knowledge
  • Understanding of socket programming, especially TCP
  • Basic knowledge of C/C++
What you will learn
  • They would be able to build applications communicating through sockets, in their own network or the Internet
Number of Lectures: 14
Total Duration: 00:30:23
  • Lecture 1: Introduction  
  • Lecture 2: Environment and Pre-requisite  
  • Lecture 3: What is TCP?  
  • Lecture 4: Features of TCP  
  • Lecture 5: Concept of Parsing  
  • Lecture 6: Structure of Process  
Codes & Test
  • Lecture 7: Plan to Test  
  • Lecture 8: Demo and comparing  
  • Lecture 9: Codes of client  
  • Lecture 10: Codes of non-parsing server  
  • Lecture 11: Codes of parsing server - design  
  • Lecture 12: Codes of parsing server - Parser class  
  • Lecture 13: Summary, Review and Improvement  
  • What are the contents in the file?  
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