Course: Stellar Blockchain Tutorial - Complete Beginner Training

Stellar Blockchain Tutorial - Complete Beginner Training

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About this Course

Course Description

Welcome to the Stellar blockchain introductory course. Blockchain is a very essential technology that is being adopted more and more nowadays. Stellar is one of the many applications of the blockchain technology.

  • Stellar can act like a decentralized money exchanger and used for crowd funding applications
  • Stellar can also be used create smart contracts which are programmed to be implemented based on the conditions and pre-requisites in the code, removing the need for middlemen altogether. This helps with the issue of honesty since the concerned parties don't have to trust each other. The logic of the smart contract coupled with the fact that it’s on a decentralized blockchain network ensures immutability in contracts
  • In this course we'll be giving you an introduction to the blockchain network and the basics of stellar
  • We'll go through the stellar laboratory used as a test network of stellar, and the code for the transactions in stellar which amalgamated together along with the conditions make up a smart contract
  • We'll explain smart contracts in detail and touch on a few advanced topics in stellar
Basic knowledge
  • Basic JavaScript and HTML
What you will learn
  • By the end of this course you should learn the concept behind the blockchain network and why it is trending nowadays
  • You should learn the basic and some advanced concepts of the stellar network
  • You should be able to code the multiple transactions we can perform in stellar and make a basis of a smart contract and a decentralized exchange
  • You should be able to form the basis for your very own stellar smart contract
Number of Lectures: 27
Total Duration: 01:27:05
  • Introduction to Stellar Blockchain  
Blockchain Technology
  • Blockchain Technology  
  • Concepts behind Blockchain  
  • Consensus Algorithms  
  • Benefits of Blockchain Technology  
Understanding Stellar Concepts
  • Understanding Stellar  
  • Stellar Consensus Protocol  
  • Accounts  
  • Assets  
  • Distributed Exchange  
  • Fees and Inflation  
  • Ledger  
  • Operations  
  • Multisignatures  
  • Create User  
  • Send Assets  
  • Create Trustline  
  • Manage Offer  
  • See Account  
  • Set Options (1/2)  
  • Set Options (2/2)  
Stellar Smart Contracts
  • Understanding Smart Contracts in General  
  • Example 1  
  • Example 2  
Advance concepts of Stellar
  • Channels  
  • Compliance Protocol  
  • Federation Protocol  
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