Course: How To Become a Vegan, Vegetarian, or Flexitarian

How To Become a Vegan, Vegetarian, or Flexitarian

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About this Course

After taking this course you will be able to make an informed choice as to whether you want to be vegan, semi-vegetarian or something in between and give you the tools to produce that change in your life. You will be able to share with others the benefits for going vegan, vegetarian, or at least semi-vegetarian. With resources for nutrition and recipes you will be able to create delicious meals and understand the basics for menu planning. This is not a cooking course, it is about getting started and the philosophy of vegetarianism. We do offer a vegan cooking school in addition to this course.  

Learn the basics of how to become a vegan/vegetarian and find out why it's such a great change to make for yourself and the world around you. Taking the plunge is easy because we will give you tools for change starting with how to meet challenges of making changes.

You will learn how to find delicious recipes for FREE and get a basic understanding of the nutritional components needed for health and what are the common issues with a vegan diet.

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Who this course is for:

  • Those who are thinking of becoming vegan
  • Those who are thinking of becoming vegetarian
  • Those who care about their health
  • Those who care about the environment
  • Those who care about animal welfare
Basic knowledge
  • A desire to be more aware of their diet and lifestyle
What you will learn
  • See the difference between Vegan, Vegetarian, and Flexitarian
  • To make Vegan or Vegetarian choices
  • Find delicious vegan recipes for free
  • Understand basic nutrition for vegans and vegetarians
  • Deal with difficulties encountered by vegans and vegetarians
Number of Lectures: 13
Total Duration: 01:11:30
Introduction to Becoming Vegan or Vegetarian
  • An Introduction to this course "Becoming a Vegan or Vegetarian"  

    In this short but informative course we will cover all the steps you will need to become a vegan or a vegetarian. From why this is a positive change to dealing with issues that can arise. And of course we will cover some of the diet and nutritional concerns plus where to find great recipes for FREE.

  • Reasons to Become a Vegan or a Vegetarian - Part 1  

    In this lesson, which is two parts, you will learn the benefits of becoming a vegan or vegetarian and search your own life for WHY you are making this change. We will also see how important social support is and prepare for the bumps along the way. And you will discover the secret to long lasting change.

  • Reasons to Become a Vegan or a Vegetarian - Part 2  

    A continuation of the benefits and reasons to become a vegan, vegetarian, semi-vegetarian, flexitarian, or at least consider your lifestyle and diet choices.

Steps to Becoming a Vegan, Vegetarian, or Flexitarian
  • How to Make a Lasting Change - Part 1  

    How to become a vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian part 1 - how to have lasting change your life starting with your thoughts and how to stay motivated in your new decision.

  • How to Make a Lasting Change - Part 2  

    How to make a lasting change part 2. Diving into the nutty gritty of how to make a lasting change in your life. How far do you want to go? What are the differences between vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian. In this lesson you will learn how to go cold turkey vs step by step, plus dig deeper into the various forms of vegetarianism. 

  • How to Make a Lasting Change - Part 3  

    How to make a change with your money and your time. Learn how your money talks and why you should get involved in humanitarian projects.

  • Steps Toward a Vegan Diet  

    Get the 8 steps for making your diet not only vegan or vegetarian, but also healthy.

  • Diet Details  

    In this lesson we will cover the basic nutritional needs and how to get them as a vegan or vegetarian. Follow practical steps for creating menus and finding delicious FREE recipes online! AND don't forget to download the resources like the food list, menu planner, and cookbook.

  • Beyond Diet  

    There is more to being a vegan or flexitarian than just diet. Learn more here about lifestyle choices for a happier and more humane world. Don't forget to download the extra materials.

  • Issues & Answers  

    Dealing with friends and family in a productive way will enable you to make lasting changes in your lifestyle. Learn how to avoid the New Year's resolution blunders often made by those who make a change in their lives.

  • Summary  

    Last few tips and reminders to help you make becoming a vegan or vegetarian last and easy on your friends and family and make sure you get the resources you need to follow through.

Extras - Including my Own Personal Motivation for Becoming a Vegetarian
  • Glossary of common words and terms used by vegans and vegetarians  

    Bragg’s Aminos: A non-fermented soy sauce substitute. Fermented products disrupt digestion and can lead to many different diseases. This product is available in many stores nationwide. This is still high in sodium and is a concentrated food so use sparingly. Baking Powder – Ener-G…

  • My Personal Motivation for Vegetarianism  

    My Personal Motivation for Vegetarianism

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