Course: Nutrition 2 Fight Disease & Inflammation (wt cooking demos)

Nutrition 2 Fight Disease & Inflammation (wt cooking demos)

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About this Course

Using current medical research this approx. 2-hour course takes you through why inflammation occurs, what diseases are related to it (you'll be surprised HOW MANY - including: arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, gout, asthma, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, crohn’s, colitis, diabetes, certain cancers, lupus, celiac disease, Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and other autoimmune diseases), and then this course moves on to teach you how to prevent and deal with inflammation using natural methods such as diet and lifestyle. Learn what foods trigger inflammation and the best nutrients and supplements to fight it. Discover the most common myth related to nightshades, and other foods often believed to be inflammatory

When you finish this course not only will you have a full color cookbook specifically designed for inflammation and auto immune disorders, but with over 10 cooking videos you will have skills to cook the right foods for great health. You will be able to create delicious meals that follow the recommendations of health professionals in preventing and dealing with disease. You will be able to make some serious life style changes that will reduce, and even in some cases eliminate, pain and other symptoms related to inflammation by following your doctor’s recommendations and the scientific evidence in this course for proper nutrition and lifestyle. 

If you are leaning toward vegetarian, you will find this transition easier but you don't have to be to take this course. However, through this course, you will have to make some choices about what is more important: freedom from pain, and other symptoms, or your current diet and lifestyle. We want to help you, so you are NOT alone in this adventure. Please watch the free introduction and other videos to learn more (the first 3 lessons are FREE as well as 2 of the cooking videos!).

Who this course is for:

  • Take this course if you want to learn how to deal with an auto immune disease
  • Take this course if you want to prevent or reduce inflammation using natural methods like diet and exercise
  • Don't take this course if you are looking for a quick fix
  • Take this course ONLY if you are willing to make changes in your diet
Basic knowledge
  • You'll need some very basic kitchen skills and a willingness to learn
What you will learn
  • Identify diseases related to inflammation
  • Spot triggers that increase inflammation
  • Choose the right foods to help fight inflammation
  • Cook healthy nutritious foods that prevent inflammation
  • Deal with auto immune disorders using a healthy lifestyle
Number of Lectures: 32
Total Duration: 02:07:31
Inflammation Basics
  • Introduction  

    A detailed description of what you will learn in this course including a very brief overview of some of the main lessons. If you have ANY autoimmune disorder or inflammatory disease watch this lesson. If you're not sure if your disease is related to inflammation watch this lecture and Lecture 2: What is Inflammation.

  • What is Inflammation?  

    Learn what inflammation is and how it affects your body and health plus how it's diagnosed. Discover how it's related to many diseases like: 

    • rheumatoid arthritis
    • psoriatic arthritis
    • psoriasis
    • celiac disease
    • eczema
    • gout
    • asthma
    • allergies
    • irritable bowel syndrome
    • crohn’s
    • diabetes
    • certain cancers
    • lupus
    • celiac disease
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • fibromyalgia
    • and other autoimmune diseases
  • Chronic vs Acute Inflammation  

    Learn about normal inflammation vs inflammatory disease. 

  • What Causes Inflammation  

    What causes your body to react to stimuli and food in such a negative way? Can you even prevent it? IF so how?

How To Reduce Inflammation With A Healthy Lifestyle
  • Stress Management  

    How does stress affect your body's physical health and what to do about it. PLUS a downloadable stress management guide.

  • Watch Your Weight  

    Find out how to loose weight without concentrating on weight loss. Discover how that can improve many symptoms of various diseases. 

  • Fight Back With Exercise  

    A brief look at exercise in relation to inflammation and inflammatory disease.

  • Issues With Smoking & Alcohol  

    Like you need another reason to quit smoking? Well we have one.

Fighting Inflammation With Diet & Nutrition
  • Sugar and Refined Carbs  

    The most common trigger for symptomatic flareups in those with diseases related to inflammation. And in all honesty, almost all disease. Why not just go low carb? Find out in this lesson.

  • Nutrient Summary  

    The nutrient summary download in this lesson will be a tool for your kitchen you'll really use to direct your diet where it needs to go.

  • Nightshades and Food Allergies  

    Discover the GREATEST myth about nightshades and learn about food intolerance and allergies.

  • Saturated Fats, Processed Foods, and More  

    Why saturated fats should be avoided, where they are found, and other harmful fats you should know about.

  • Foods that Fight Inflammation - Part 1: Fruits  

    The power of nutrition starts in this lesson!!! Learn what fruits will have the most impact.

  • Foods that Fight Inflammation - Part 2: Veggies  

    Find out what veggies you shouldn't be living without!

  • Foods that Fight Inflammation - Part 3: Whole Grains  

    The benefits of whole grains will get you piling on the fiber in this lesson.

  • Reducing Inflammation With Omega 3  

    All this talk about Omega 3 and fish. What does it all really mean for your health? Don't forget to download the Omega 3 resource once you finish this lesson!

  • Supplements - Vitamin D, Herbs, and more.  

    What supplements have been scientifically shown to reduce symptoms of inflammation? Find out in this lesson. PLUS don't forget to download the Calcium and Trace Elements resources sheets!

Recipes for Reducing Inflammation and Disease Prevention
  • Using Your New Cookbook  

    In this lesson we will share how to use your new cookbook and diet.

  • Creamy Garlic Sauce  

    A simple sauce you can adapt to other flavors as you experiment with herbs and spices. A dairy free, nutrient rice creamy sauce for serving on quinoa or brown rice pasta.

  • Nightshade Free Lasagna  

    Making lasagna without nightshades is not as hard as you may think!

  • Sweet Potato Crepes  

    Learn how to make a savory crepe that is rich in antioxidants and has NO gluten.

  • Bean & Quinoa Burgers  

    Take it from a VERY PICKY eater, you will love these burgers as you transition away from saturated fats and a heavy meat diet.

  • Veggie Gravy  

    Gravy's and sauces help make meals rich and inviting. They are comfort foods when so many of your favorite foods need to be eliminated or changed so you can have quality of life. Learn to indulge in a healthy way!

  • Walnut Dressing  

    Get your needed Omega 3's with this delicious and healthy salad dressing. Serve on a dark, leafy green bed of goodness.

  • Zesty Sprinkles  

    A replacement for the saturated fat laden Parmesan cheese, but also a source of B12 and other nutrients you need.

  • Avocado & Green Olive Penne  

    A simple dish you can prepare quickly and is still delicious!

  • Brown Rice Tortillas  

    You'll run out and buy a tortilla press once you see how easy these are to make.  

  • Quinoa Flat Bread  

    You didn't know cooking healthy and gluten free could be this easy! This bread can be used for pizza, sandwiches, and much more.

  • Blackberry Scones  

    A sugar free, gluten free, desert.

  • Nutrition 2 Fight Cookbook  

    Obviously here is the resource you've been waiting for, the cookbook itself! 

Summary & Other Resources
  • Summary  

    A simple wrap up of what you've learn.

  • Sources  

    A list of the sources used in creating this course. We use real science and not just random article strewn across the internet.

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