Course: Start Learning Unix and Linux

Start Learning Unix and Linux

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About this Course

Unix/Linux is FUN!

This course has the aim to introduce you to the world of Unix/Linux by giving you the core knowledge on which to build a professional interest.

You will learn how to get the work done in Unix on your workstation and how to connect to the Net.

Some troubleshooting steps will also be provided.

Basic knowledge
  • Access to a Unix/Linux system is essential
What you will learn
  • You will learn the core commands
  • You will become a good system administrator
Number of Lectures: 6
Total Duration: 01:20:57
Stage 1 - Basic Commands
  • How to Create a Calendar with Unix/Linux  

    In this video you will start using your first commands by creating a calendar.

  • In the Unix/Linux World, Trees Grow Upside Down  

    Introduction to the Unix/Linux file system and few more commands.

  • Did You Not Know Unix/Linux Has a cat?!  

    How to use the cat command to create a file and how to merge two or more files into one. How to create a file without a text editor or a word processor. Keep building the foundations to become a Unix/Linux expert.

  • How to Change the Password in Unix/Linux  

    How to assign or change the user password.

    Password should be changed from time to time.

    Avoid short and simple passwords.

  • How to Copy, Move, Remove and Encrypt a File in Unix/Linux  

    This episode explains How to Copy, Move, Remove and Encrypt a File in Unix/Linux. It tells you also how to create a new directory (folder) with the simple command 'mkdir'. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe

File Permissions
  • File permissions  

    The three categories of permissions and how to detect the type of permission granted and to whom.

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