Course: Learn Linux the Easy Way

Learn Linux the Easy Way

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About this Course

This course is for those who are absolute beginner to the Linux Operating system OR those who know few basics of Linux but want to learn more advances commands.

You are going to learn below topics in this course:

  • What is an operating System
  • What are the Components of an Operating system
  • What is Kernel
  • Brief History about Linux
  • What is a Free software / Free Operating system
  • What is GNU and GPL
  • Features of Linux
  • What is mean by Linux Flavor
  • What is CentOS and Redhat
  • Linux directory structure
  • Install CentOS on Virtual Box
  • What is a Shell
  • How to access a shell
  • How to use Linux Commands
  • Basics Linux Commands like list, change, view, rename, copy and remove Directories and files
  • Tab auto completion
  • Vi Editor
  • Different types of links and how to create, remove links
  • Switch user
  • What is Sudo user and how it is configured
  • Create user,group and set password
  • Variables
  • Searching for files and directories
  • Wild Cards
  • File Permissions, Different ways of setting file permissions
  • I/O Redirection
  • Pipe Redirection
  • How to use Grep, Pipe, I/O together
  • list processes and Kill Processes
  • Run Processes in back ground
  • System management commands like view disk usage, Physical Memory, CPU information, system run time, Kernel Version and Reboot/Shutdown
  • Remote Login
  • Network copying
  • Install/Uninstall RPM Packages
Basic knowledge
  • A desire to learn Linux
What you will learn
  • Differences between Free Operating system and Non-Free operating system 
  • GNU and GPL
  • Linux directory structure
  • CentOS Linux Installation 
  • How to use Linux commands 
  • Create, remove, rename and copy files and directories 
  • Vi Editor 
  • Different types of links 
  • Switching user and Sudo user 
  • Create user and set password 
  • Echo and variables 
  • Searching for files and directories in Linux 
  • The power of Wildcards in Linux 
  • Set permission and ownership on files and directories 
  • I/O Redirection and piping commands 
  • Process management commands 
  • Disk management and system management commands 
  • Remote login and Network copying 
  • RPM Package installation using yum and rpm commands
Number of Lectures: 28
Total Duration: 04:35:31
  • Operating system Overview  

    Operating system overview and what is Kernel

  • Linux and Opensource  

    Brief History about Linux and What is GNU and GPL

  • Features and Flavors of Linux  

    Main features of Linux and What are the main flavors of Linux

Start With Linux
  • Linux Directory Structure  

    Linux directory structure and what is the use of each directory

  • Linux Directory Structure Quiz  
  • CentOS Installation  

    Install CentOS 7 on Virtual Box using DVD Image

Start with Linux Commands
  • How to use Linux commands  

    what is a command and how to use it

  • Tab auto completion  

    How to use Tab key for commands completions and how to view the commands history

  • Work on Files and Directories  

    Create , change and view directories and creating files

  • Shortcuts on accessing files and directories  

    Shortcuts on accessing files and directories

  • Linux basic commands  
Edit and View Files
  • Vi Editor  

    Theoretical and Practical session of Vi Editor

  • Vi Editor Quiz  
  • Different way of Viewing Files  

    How to view Files using different commands

  • View Files  
  • Copying and moving Quizes  
More on Files and Directories
  • Copy and Move  

    Copying and Moving files and directories

  • Links Explined  

    What is link and how it works

  • Create and Remove Links  

    How to create and remove Soft link and hard link

  • Soft Link and Hard Link  
User Management
  • Switch User and Sudo  

    How to switch to a different user

    How to switch to root account

    What is Sudo user

    How to use Sudo command

    Brief description about sudo configuration

  • Create User and Set Password  

    How to create a user, group and Set passowrd.

    How to check members of a Group

  • User Management  
  • Variables  

    What is variable

    How to create variable

    Charterers allowed in a variable

    What is Path Variable

    How to add a new Path to Path variable

    How to check path of a command

    Add , remove , list variables

  • Variables Quiz  
  • find command  

    How to find files and directories with different options

  • Find command Quiz  
Power of WildCards
  • WildCards  

    What is wildCrads

    Different wildcards

    How to use each wildcards

File Permissions
  • Permission and ownership Explained  
  • Permissions and Ownership Continued  

    Practical session of Permissions and Ownership

I/O Redirection
  • I/O Redirection and Pipe  

    Std I/O and Error Redirection

    How to use Pipe

  • Filter string using grep  

    How to use grep command

    use grep with combination of I/O and Pipe

Process Management
  • Process Management Commands  

    Process Management Commands

System & Disk Management
  • System & Disk management Commands  

    System & Disk management Commands

Remote Access
  • SSH and scp  

    Remote login and Remote Copying

Package Installation
  • rpm and yum  
Let's Stay Connected
  • Let's Stay Connected  
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