Course: Linux Ubuntu System Administration for beginners

Linux Ubuntu System Administration for beginners

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About this Course

Easy and to the point course to start your first steps with Linux and to boost your career and knowledge of Open source .

This course is designed carefully to be the perfect first footsteps with Linux system , to take you from a fresh knowledge of Linux to complete power managing the system and understanding each and every small detail running onto it .

Based on years of experience this course isn't that boring structured scripted one, it's going though a real journey into the system and error handling.

Basic knowledge
  • Basic Computer Knowledge & Basic Computer Fundamentals
What you will learn
  • Linux System administration
  • Linux installation
  • Linux command line
  • Linux permission management
  • Linux packages management
  • Linux Editors
  • VIM
Number of Lectures: 51
Total Duration: 04:56:17
Preparing you for the first steps with Linux
  • What is Linux ?  
  • History of Linux  
  • The Kernel of Linux  
  • Linux Properties  
  • Linux Distributions  
Linux Installation
  • Linux Installation methods  
  • Downloading your first Linux  
  • Getting your installation Media ready  
Linux Live Disks
  • Getting your device ready for the first Linux run  
  • Setting the USB as a first boot device  
  • Running the Live Disk  
  • Bonus : Hints on selecting the Media  
  • Booting the Live disk (Video)  
Linux on a new device
  • Installing Linux on a new Device  
Installing Linux on Virtualbox
  • Getting the BIOS ready for virtualization  
  • Download and install Virtualbox  
  • Create the first virtual machine  
  • Installing Linux on Virtualbox  
Installing Linux alongside windows
  • Partitioning your disk  
  • Installing Linux alongside windows  
Command Line Basics
  • Who's afraid of the terminal (big bad shell)  
  • Help me  
  • Moving around  
Files: Care and Feeding
  • File Names  
  • The slash  
  • The absolute and relative path names  
  • Extra terminal skills  
  • Creating and removing directories  
  • Creating and deleting files  
  • Renaming files  
  • Copying and Moving  
  • Searching  
  • Searching References  
Archival and Compression
  • Archival and Compression  
  • Archiving using tar  
  • Compressing files  
Text Editing
  • Preparing installing VIM  
  • VIM in action  
  • nano , the easy friend  
The privileged user
  • Root and super user  
User Administration
  • User ID and Group ID  
  • last access to your server  
  • user and group management  
  • Gnome system tools  
Access Control
  • Linux access control system  
  • Directories Permissions  
  • Inspecting Access Permission  
  • Changing Permissions  
  • Numerical method  
  • Changing Ownership  
Package management
  • Package management  
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