NetApp ONTAP Command-line Administration

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  • Certificate on Completion
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In this training you will learn how to configure and manage Netapp ONTAP clusters, and work from the command-line only. Many day to day administrative tasks will be dealt with, theoretically and practically. There will be no fiddling around. Every module has the same layout: topic discussion, practical example(s), review. There will be reference to the exam-topics as well, to help you study for the NCDA-exam. 

Basic knowledge
  • Students should have basic computer knowledge, basic network knowledge and basic storage knowledge

What will you learn

1. Overview      

  • What is a cluster
  • What is physical storage and what is logical storage
  • What is an SVM
  • Which protocols are supported
  • Which configurations are available    

2. lab setup

  • Setting up a two node cluster in ESXi ( in module 13 there is a vmware workstation/fusion setup)

3. shells 

  • Cluster shell
  • Node shell
  • System shell

4. licensing

  • Add licenses
  • Clean up licencses

5. physical storage

  • Aggregates and raidgroups

6. Logical storage

  • Flexible volumes

7. Networking 

  • Ports and logical interfaces
  • Interface groups
  • Ipspaces and broadcast domains

8. Network Attached Storage

  • NAS protocols NFS/CIFS

9. Storage Area Network

  • SAN protocols iscsi and fcp

10. Storage Efficiency

  • Flexclones
  • Compression
  • Deduplication
  • Compaction

11. Dataprotection             

  • Snapmirror
  • Loadshares
  • DP (dataprotection)
  • XDP (snapvault)

12. Concepts and Architecture

  • Bootprocess
  • Replicated databases
  • Epsilon

13. Miscellaneous topics

  • Quality of service
  • User administration
  • Metro Cluster (overview)
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 55 Total Duration: 06:00:35

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