Course: NetApp ONTAP Troubleshooting

NetApp ONTAP Troubleshooting

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About this Course

In this training you will learn how to troubleshoot common problems in the Netapp ONTAP cluster environment.

You will get familiar with causes of problems and learn how to solve the problems and fix your cluster. This training is aimed at students who either have some-hands on experience or have followed the ONTAP cli administration training which can also be found here on Simpliv. This training is somewhat advanced, but if you are eager to learn, you will probably like this.

Table of Contents:

  • Architecture and Concepts (22:01)
  • Booting and Coredumps (10:50)
  • Coredumps (5:07)
  • Replicated Databases (16:04)
  • Epsilon (10:56)
  • Halting a node and Eligibility (6:31)
  • Troubleshooting Volumes (5:55)
  • Losing the rootvolume of an SVM (12:25)
  • Losing vol0 (8:22)
  • Losing vol0 (continued) (17:07)
  • Networking (8:02)
  • Failover Groups (6:25)
  • Connectivity (4:40)
  • Logfiles (10:54)

Who this course is for:

  • ONTAP administrators or future ONTAP administrators
Basic knowledge
  • You should have some ONTAP hands-on experience, or you should have attended an Administration training. When taking this training you will benefit more if you have a Netapp Ontap simulator running. In other words, it is time for a deeper dive
What you will learn
  • Think about how ONTAP works and how you can fix things when ONTAP gets confused, or you
Number of Lectures: 14
Total Duration: 02:26:01
Architecture and Concepts.
  • Overview  

    High level overview of Cluster Architecture and Concepts.

  • Booting  

    What happens when a node boots, from loader to login prompt.

Booting and Coredumps.
  • Coredumps  

    What are coredumps, where are they located and what can you do with them.

Configuration Data.
  • Replicated Databases  

    Where is the information about all resources stored and how does that work.

    What can go wrong and how do you fix that.

  • Epsilon  

    What is the Epsilon, and when can the Epsilon cause problems.

  • Halting and Elibibility  

    What does Eligibility mean, and what is the purpose of disabling that sometimes.

  • Volume Deletion  

    What happens when you delete a volume. How to undo accidental deletion.

  • Losing the rootvolume of and SVM  

    The problem of losing the rootvolume of an SVM and how to prevent that.

  • Losing vol0  

    What can you do if you lose the rootvolume of a node: vol0.

  • Losing vol0 (continued)  
  • ipspaces and broadcastdomains  

    Relationships between ipspaces and broadcast domains in regards to SVMs.

  • Failover Groups  

    What can go wrong in setting up failover groups in regards to failover possibilities of LIFS.

  • Connectivity  

    Connecting to different subnets. How to deal with routing tables in the SVM.

  • Location and Accessing  

    Where are the logfiles, how do you access them and what has AutoSupport got to do with that.

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