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Congratulations on checking out my Beginner Guitar Course!

Yes I say "congratulations" because it means you are already taking initiative to pursue something you may have never tried before. That takes courage to go for something new and is very exciting!

That's what this course is all about, diving into something new. New skills, new concepts, new terms and "shop talk", potential you never realized you had, and an overall new discovery of the joy of playing music on the guitar!

My goal in creating this course was to make it as easy and efficient and enjoyable as possible for a brand new beginner, or close to total beginner, to learn how to play the guitar. This course guides you through the fundamentals and techniques needed to play, as well as gives you the opportunity to put into practice those new skills with various exercises and jam track videos. As you develop these skills more and more, you will be ready to check out various songs you wish to learn in the online world through Ultimate Guitar, Youtube, etc. I know this typically is the main goal of someone wanting to learn the guitar, so that's why the concepts taught equip you to learn any particular song you wish to learn at your respective level, and as you progress from this course into the next level of playing. 

One of the key things my instructor taught me was how to teach myself. This course is designed to prepare you with the knowledge needed to pursue whatever direction you wish to go as you progress through the course and upon completion.

Do you want to be able to play fun songs around a campfire with friends and family? You will learn many of the essential "campfire" and standard chords for this, as well as where to find great resources online for learning your favorite songs (there are a tonne!). Do you want to become a lead guitar player and shred!? This course will give you the fundamental knowledge and basic skills to begin your journey to taking a killer, or gentle and sweet, solo to win your way into the hearts of millions......or something like that right? :) But in all seriousness, whether I'm teaching the more campfire type material, which I start with, or the beginnings of more technical material like scales and riffs, I make sure to go very slow and take you through each concept step by step so that the general beginner will be able to grasp the material being taught without feeling too overwhelmed (note that I do go into some theory (note names, scale degrees, etc) with some of the material, that you may wish, or not wish, to try and fully wrap your mind offence taken if not!). Of course you can always pause the video and rewind, etc, in order to camp out on a certain concept. I know I have to do that all the time when learning something new!

The real key to success is to take a methodical approach to learning the guitar. This course is designed to do that! And I'll even just tell you straight up right now, learning chords, scales, riffs (short solos), and songs at your respective level, will give you pretty much all the skills you'll ever need to play the guitar and to learn how to progress in whatever genre you wish. Therefore, this course gets you started learning chords, scales and riffs, and teaches you how to then find songs to learn online and continue a snowball momentum of continuous learning the guitar with any and all of the great resources that are out there.

BELIEVE you can accomplish playing the guitar and discover the joy of playing, because I believe you can!

(Oh...and just so you'll get an introduction to playing the blues also! Cause what guitar player doesn't want to learn how to play the blues?!!?)

Enjoy your journey learning one of the most fun instruments to play!

Basic knowledge
  • No prior knowledge of guitar and/or music needed! None!
  • Of course, if you have some knowledge it would help, but the course is designed for those who may not have any experience to those who have some experience but feel "stuck" in their progress
  • The first session even helps you with choosing a guitar to buy if you don't have one

What will you learn
  • Guitar Fundamentals (Intro to Chords, Scales, Soloing, and Music Theory concepts)
  • Chords: Intro to open chords ("campfire chords") and chord progressions
  • Scales: Intro to the major, major pentatonic, minor, and minor pentatonic scales (G major, E minor)
  • Soloing: Intro to learning "riffs" or short melodies and how to solo over a chord progression
  • Music Theory: Musical Alphabet, Intro to Keys, Scale Degrees, Basics of Transposing a Song
  • Song recommendations using the concepts taught in the course and how to learn a song
  • Blues (Chords, Blues "Shuffle", Soloing)
  • Intro to Power Chords ("Rock" Chords)
  • Reading chord diagrams, chord progressions, and tablature ("tab")
  • Navigate online resources in order to learn songs and further one's learning on the guitar and music in general
Course Curriculum
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