Course: Why Bullies Bully and How to Get Them to Stop

Why Bullies Bully and How to Get Them to Stop

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About this Course

This program consists of video lectures and handouts designed to help you learn how to get bullies to leave you alone using behavioral science techniques.

There is more to the technique of how to get bullies to stop than just ignore them and they will go away. Lots more. What you don’t know and what isn’t being taught is causing us to fail. This program is designed to help you understand what exactly has to happen to get a bully to stop by sharing what all science tells us needs to happen to stop unwanted behavior, like bullying.  

The course takes approximately 40 minutes to complete and includes downloadable documentation logs and a flow chart for how to stop bullying in different situations. 

If you are being bullied or have been bullied or worry about someone who is being bullied or might be bullied, this course can help you. It will help explain why what you were taught didn’t work and how to fix it so that you can prevail over your bully and get them to stop, all while maintaining your values and ideals as an ethical human being.

Science. Because it works. 

Basic knowledge
  • No prior knowledge required
What you will learn
  • Fill in those gaps in your knowledge by teaching you what you didn’t know you needed to know
  • Explain the science of how exactly behaviors are stopped
  • Explain how you can use this information to train bullies to stop 
  • Provide real life examples of how exactly this works and more importantly why it works
Number of Lectures: 6
Total Duration: 00:32:12
How to Stop Bullies Using Science
  • Introduction  

    Welcome to the program - this video will introduce you to the course and your instructor. It will help you understand why this particular approach to bullying is being taught and why it matters. 

  • Why do Bullies Bully?  

    Bullies bully for a variety of reasons. There is no one cause of bullying. This makes getting it to stop difficult. This lecture will help you understand why bullies bully so that you understand what needs to happen to get them to stop.

  • The Science of How to Get Bullies to Stop  

    Behavioral Scientists have known for decades how to get unwanted behavior to stop. In this lecture you will learn what has been learned about how to get people to stop being obnoxious and how the process works.

  • Step by Step Guide - How This Actually Works  

    Now that we know what science says works, how do we actually apply it to the problem of bullying?

  • Final Thoughts  

    Final thoughts and questions you might have.

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