Course: Edit Like a Pro! - 4 - Castletown Stately Home

Edit Like a Pro! - 4 - Castletown Stately Home

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About this Course

This hour long class takes you through a detailed landscape image edit, covering almost all of the various Develop module tabs in detail.

You will learn how to crop to panoramic ratios, apply global and selective edits, and end up with two very different versions of the original shot - one in colour, the other a dramatic black and white.

Anyone can follow and benefit from this class - no prior knowledge required!

Who is the target audience?

  • Users of Adobe Lightroom
  • Users of any other photo editing software
  • Those who want to learn editing and post-processing techniques
Basic knowledge
  • No prior knowledge is required, but a copy of Adobe Lightroom is useful to follow along on your own photos trying out the techniques shown
What you will learn
  • Edit a landscape photo using a wide range of techniques
  • Produce panoramic crop images
  • Create different variants of a single image
  • Process a colour image into black & white using Lightroom & Nik Silver Efex Pro 2
Number of Lectures: 20
Total Duration: 01:05:00
Let's set our image up for editing
  • Opening titles  
  • Promo for Edit Like a Pro! - 4 - Castletown Stately Home  
  • Introduction to our image  

    Here we take a look at the raw image we will be working with, straight out of the camera.

  • Keywording our image  

    Adding keywords to images helps you find them later amongst the thousands of shots which build up over time.

  • Editing metadata pre-sets  

    Here we look at how to add copyright and other information to your image so it can be attributed back to you even if shared digitally.

The Basic Tab - Initial Editing
  • Setting the Crop  

    This image benefits from a panoramic crop, so we apply this to accentuate the wide sweeping landscape.

  • Adjusting tonal range using the Histogram  

    Maximising the full tonal range of an image helps bring out colours and creates better shots. The histogram is a visual representation of the tones from complete back through to complete white, and helps you adjust your black and white points as well as see where most tones fall in your image.

  • Highlights, Shadows, Whites & Blacks  

    These 4 sliders form the backbone of any tonal editing sequence, and work in conjunction with the histogram which reflects changes made as these sliders are moved.

  • Clarity, Vibrance & Saturation  

    Now we get into adjusting the colours and depth of tones...

  • Adjusting Contrast using the Tone Curve  

    The Tone Curve is a powerful and often under-utilised tool which gives very precise control of contrast and other tonal adjustments.

The HSL tab
  • Adjusting Hue, Saturation and Luminance  

    The HSL tab is where you can really play with colours - I go over the top here (but then I'm colourblind!) but you can achieve almost any look you want with judicious use of these sliders.

Sharpening and Orientation
  • Sharpening & the Detail tab  

    Most images need some sharpening to really bring out the detail in the shot, so we look at this here.

  • Lens Corrections  

    Lightroom can correct for lens distortion, which is especially apparent in wide angle shots like this one.

  • Tweaking verticals with the Transform tab  

    The Transform tab gives us very precise control over verticals and the horizontal orientation of our image.

Subtle finishing touches
  • Applying a vignette in the Effects tab  

    Vignettes are used to very subtly move the viewer's eye towards the main subject in the image.

  • Using Camera Calibration for different "looks"  

    A "hidden" feature which lets you choose different "looks" for your photo by adjusting the colour focus pre-sets your camera offers.

  • Bring out shadow detail with Radial Filters & Adjustment Brushes  

    Local adjustments give us hugely powerful tools to bring out details which would otherwise be lost.

  • Cloning out distracting elements  

    And getting rid of distracting elements helps clean the image up as we approach completion of our edit.

  • B&W using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2  

    Here we take our edited colour image and do a mono conversion using the powerful and free Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 software.

  • Thanks for watching!  
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