Course: Master Lightroom and Photoshop in one week.

Master Lightroom and Photoshop in one week.

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About this Course

This is an intensive course that combines several courses in one, Lightroom, Photoshop and Digital Blending, this course will take you from being a beginner to an advanced user in Lightroom and the Digital Blending. You will learn the basics of Photoshop and all the information required to understand Digital Blending.

This course is meant for beginners who wants to start editing their photos and have them look like professional images.

You will master Lightroom after this course and learn the best work flow to organise all your images.

You will be able to do post processing of your images in a very short time after knowing how to use the Lightroom efficiently.

Get an idea on the most useful tools in Photoshop and all whats needed as a photographer.

Have an idea about HDR but you will learn the professional way called Digital Blending.

Start creating images using the digital blending technique and have your images looks like posters in the magazines.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for beginners, since it will build them from the basics of post processing and gradually improve it to reach to an intermediate stage
  • People who needs to improve their Photography skills
  • This course can also help advanced photographers because it teaches them things they may not know about Lightroom
  • Who wants to learn the Digital Blending
  • Who ever wants to understand Masks and layers in Photoshop
  • People who wants to create stunning images
Basic knowledge
  • Install Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CS6 or CC
  • Mac or PC
  • Basic knowledge in photography
What you will learn
  • Create stunning images after learning the Digital Blending technique
  • Understand the importance of Lightroom in our Photography
  • Learn the basics of Photoshop and start using it confidently
  • Learn how to be organized and find any image in your collection
  • Learn the basics of editing your images
  • Learn the effective way to edit your images using a certain work flow
  • Learn the difference between HDR and Digital Blending
Number of Lectures: 39
Total Duration: 05:54:29
  • Why Lightroom?  

    Why do we need Lightroom? Lightroom is not only an editing software it is also a very effective tool to organize your images and archive them in a way to be able to recall any image you want with a blink of an eye.

  • FREE PREVIEW: Catalogues and Collections  

    This is a quick view on what is the difference between the Catalogs and Collection.

  • WorkFlow  
  • Difference between catalogues and collection  

    A quiz to make sure of your understanding of collections and catalogues.

Initial Settings
  • Identity Plate  

    Its good to have your identity on Lightroom better than just showing the Lightroom LOGO. I will teach you how to change it.

  • Preferences  

    The ideal setting for Lightroom to work efficiently. I will show you what setting needs to be changed to make Lightroom work faster and as per our needs.

  • Tiff and psd  

     Getting the understanding between tiff files and psd files 

Quick Tour
  • Library Module Tour  

    Showing you all the different things available in the Library Module.

  • Develop Module Tour  
Library Module
  • Importing Images Part #1  

    How to import your images inside Lightroom using the easy and efficient method, you will be able to add valuable information to every image you import. Part #1

  • Importing Images Part #2  

    How to import your images inside Lightroom using the easy and efficient method, you will be able to add valuable information to every image you import. Part #2

  • Selecting Images  

    This is a very important step since it will help you to choose from hundred of images in a very fast way to select your wanted images and select your rejected images as well as your favourite. You will reduce the time that it takes to go through all those images.

  • The power of filters and keywords  

    This is why we love Lightroom and why it makes it a special software, I will show you how to find images using different methods you can find them by keywords, which camera been used, which lens you were using even by your camera settings.

Develop Module
  • Histogram and the basic editing  

    Develop module is the most used module in Lightroom since it is the place where you will be editing your images.

    • Get to understand the Histogram and start doing the basic edit to your images.
  • Curves, HSL, Split tones & Details  
    • How to use Curves and get more control to edit your image.
    • HSL is Hue Saturation Luminance, you can do changes to a certain color either by changing its color or its saturation or even the brightness.
    • Split toning will give you the ability to add an effect on your image such as sepia tone or an old look.
    • You will learn how to remove noise from your images.
  • Lens correction, effect & calibration  
    • We will continue with the Details and talk about sharpening your images.
    • How to correct any issues in your images created from your lenses, leveling your horizon and dealing with you vertical lines.
    • Add vignette and noise to your images.
    • Calibrating your camera colors if there are any issue with them.
How to work fast and efficient
  • The Second Screen  

    This will save your time, you will be able to edit hundreds of images in no time, the work that used to take from you a week, you will finish it in hours.

    • What do we mean by working efficiently?
    • What is the use of the second screen and how will it save my time?
  • Auto Sync & Presets  

    We will be talking about the auto sync and how to create presets for editing your images.

    • Start editing your image in a very fast way and save huge amount of time.
    • Save your time by creating presets and use them any time on your images.
  • Smart collection and exporting  

    One of the powerful tools in Lightroom is the smart collection, I call it Lightroom magic, you can bring any required images into one folder with a blink of an eye.

    • How to create smart collection.
    • How to export your image after you finish your editing to be able to print it or share it to your social media and website.
  • How to export to photoshop  

    You will definitely require to export your images to Photoshop and do some special edit on them.

    I will show you how Lightroom can talk to Photoshop very easily, you will be able to export images to photoshop and then save them back to Lightroom.

  • Photoshop introduction and selections part #1  

    Get to know what is Photoshop used for and why do we need it a photographers, in this lecture we will also start with the selection tool.

  • Selection Part #2 and Healing Tools  

    We will continue with the Selection tools and start with the healing tools one of the most needed tool for the photographers to clean and edit their images.

  • Pen tool  

    The power of the pen tool in selecting objects, so you will be able to remove them from the background or isolate them.

  • The refine Edge  

    How to perfect your selection using the refine edge and reaching to very impossible places that could not be selected with any tool.

  • FREE PREVIEW: The Brush Tool  

    It may sound simple object but there are so many unknown things about the brush tool, master the use of this tool.

  • Difference between the Opacity and the Flow  

    Many people does not know what is the difference between the Opacity and the Flow, learn the difference between them and start taking use of that.

Advanced Photoshop
  • Layers and Masks  

    Layers and masks are the most important thing in Photoshop, here I will show how to use them and stop being scared once you hear about them.

  • Blending Modes  

    Blending modes has many application and can get you really creative, this lecture will give you an understanding about them and how to use them.

  • Convert selection into mask  

    How can you create a mask based on a selection you created using the methods we talk about before.

  • Use Gradient and brush to paint into mask  

    How to paint in a mask using the brush tool and the gradient tool.

HDR & Digital Blending
  • Bracketing in your Camera  

    Get the understanding of the bracketing mode in your camera, how to do it manually or automatically. This is the first step in the Digital Blending.

  • First example in Digital Blending  

    Lets start with the Digital blending, this will be your first example on how to blend three exposures together.

  • Another example in Digital Blending  

    In this example I will show you the whole process of the digital blending and various tricks in photoshop to create stunning images.

  • Using Nik software and Course closure  

    What is Nik Collection Plugin?

    I will show you my work flow in this amazing plugin, and finally I will end this course.

What's new in Lightroom CC
  • Solo Mode  

    Learn how to change the panels appearance to give you more view freedom in lightroom.

  • Dehaze  

    Remove most of the haze from your images with the new Dehaze slider in the Effect panel.

  • Auto Settings  

    Use the Auto setting in the Basic module not for all the sliders but individually for one of them.

  • Lense Correction  

    Learn how to fix lines after Lightroom has changed how to do the transformation in the Lense correction.

  • Pets Eyes  

    Learn how to remove the glowing eyes in the pets.

  • HDR in Lightroom  

    Know how to create HDR images in Lightroom without using any 3rd party software and best part is that the created image will be a RAW file.

  • Panorama in Lightroom  

    Know how to stitch images in Lightroom without using any 3rd party software and best part is that the created image will be a RAW file.

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