Course: PHP and MYSQL Course from Scratch with Projects

PHP and MYSQL Course from Scratch with Projects

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  • Certificate on Completion
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  • Self-Paced
About this Course

PHP is one of the most important programming language in the world that can work on client and server side. PHP can connect to MYSQL database to make web applications. MYSQL is a database that can store data in tables.This course starts from the beginning of setting up your server and writing your first line of PHP code. You will gain understanding on how to send and receive information to and from a database.You will learn how to validate your form too. After that i talk about advanced features in PHP and MYSQL and you will learn about how to create register,login and logout system and also how to make image upload system.

This course contains useful project that help you to understand better PHP & MYSQL too.

Projects include:

  • Table pagination
  • Sending E-Mail
  • User Login to system and upload their private photo without access other users to them
  • how to use Google reCAPTCHA system and how to make it for your own website.

Why should you take this course?

  • This course helps you to make online web application and can get big projects and also spend much money in your job.

What else will you get?  

  • Personal contact with me, the course tutor  
  • Lifetime access to course materials  
  • A friendly, informal community to support you every step of the way  
  • A deep understanding of how to code,work with data base and make web applications

So what are you waiting for? Transform your world and sign up now

Basic knowledge
  • HTML and CSS (Optional)
  • A laptop (Windows or Mac)
  • Desire for learning is very important for you
  • No matter if you don't know what is PHP & MYSQL. I will teach you everything with all details
What you will learn
  • Write PHP code
  • How to send data to your database from your form
  • Create user registration, Login,Logout system
  • Validate forms
  • How to use MYSQL database
  • Create contact us form and send email
  • Insert,edit and delete data to database
  • Create system to upload photos
  • Google reCAPTCHA system for website
  • Make pagination table
  • How to use forms to submit data to database
  • You will learn how to use PDO with PHP and MySQL
  • Hash passwords
Number of Lectures: 52
Total Duration: 07:50:28
  • What does the course cover?  
  • Install WAMP Server  
  • Install XAMPP Server  
  • Text Editors  
  • PHP & MYSQL All Files and Projects  

    Please Download all practice files for this course.

PHP Introduction
  • What is PHP  
  • Display Hello World  
  • Variables  
  • Data Types  
  • Strings  
  • GET & POST Methods  
  • If Statement  
  • Switch-Case Statement  
  • While Loops  
  • For Loops  
  • Arrays  
  • Function  
PHP & MYSQL DataBase
  • What is MYSQL DataBase  
  • Create Database and Tables  
  • Connect PHP to MYSQ  
  • Insert DATA to MYSQL Database  
  • INSERT DATA to MYSQL Database via Form  
  • Prepare Insert Data  
  • LIMIT Data  
  • DELETE Data  
  • Update Data  
  • Project- Table Pagination (Preview)  
  • Project - Table Pagination (Part 1)  
  • Project - Table Pagination (Part 2)  
  • Project - Table Pagination (Part 3)  
  • Project - Table Pagination (Part 4)  
Form Validation
  • Create Form  
  • Username Validation  
  • Password Validation  
  • E-Mail Validation  
  • Display error messages on main page  
  • Project - Send E-Mail (Preview)  
  • Project - Send E-Mail (Part 1)  
  • Project - Send E-Mail (Part 2)  
  • Project - Send E-Mail (Part 3)  
Advance PHP & MYSQL
  • Session  
  • User Registration System  
  • User Login and Logout System  
  • Hash Password  
  • Roles  
  • Upload Image  
  • Mini Project - Users Upload Image with Login to System  
  • Relation between tables in Database  
  • Project - Google reCAPTCHA (preview)  
  • Project - Google reCAPTCHA  
Next Step (Conclusion)
  • What is your next Step  
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