Course: Course Marketing Strategies: Build a Business Teaching

Course Marketing Strategies: Build a Business Teaching

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About this Course

Do you need help marketing your courses?

Do you need more money to become financially stable?

But, you don't have a lot of time and money to invest?

Students get access to cutting-edge training courses and passionate support communities that help them start a side businesses more quickly and easily.

This course provides everything you could need to start and grow a home business.

We've discovered principles, strategies, and technologies that produce real, measurable business results - without the expensive costs.

  • How do you measure success or failure?
  • How much they profit per month
  • How much it cost to start, grow, and maintain the business

How much time and effort it took to start, grow, and maintain

So you've just launched your course.

Perhaps you're like many, who expected instant sales and instant success, but it didn't turn out to be like that.

What now? 

In this course, I go through practical strategies you should consider marketing your course. I've seen these work for myself and others. So these make good strategies for you to start searching for your audience and bring them to you.

I'm not expecting all of the strategies will be a perfect fit for everyone. And certainly not expecting you to add 8 more hours of work per day to your already full plate! But start with one new marketing approach, try it, and then add a second if you find the first one working!

Everything in this course is practical. The videos show you what I and others do on those platforms. Anyone can do this, and nothing is complicated, or requires special skills, or deep pockets. 

So sign up today, and get started building your authority on your course topic!

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who works online, company or individual
  • Entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners
  • Sales representatives, independent advisors, and consultants
  • Infopreneurs, authors, and instructors
Basic knowledge
  • No previous knowledge or experience required
  • A desire to implement an effective marketing plan
  • A desire to increase leads, conversions, and sales results
What you will learn
  • Drive traffic to their courses
  • Build a sales funnel to increase sales
  • Use YouTube marketing effectively
  • Build a blog to market courses
  • Develop a podcast
  • Design an email marketing campaign
  • Conduct interviews to generate content
  • Become an authority in your niche
  • Utilize student engagement to build a tribe
  • Utilize the power of branding
  • Build a social media following with Reddit, Facebook Live, Google+, and Facebook Groups
Number of Lectures: 87
Total Duration: 07:46:00
Dive into Course Marketing
  • Course Introduction and Overview  
  • Course Roadmap  
  • How to Be Successful with Course Marketing  
Building a Sales Funnel
  • Driving Traffic  
  • Building a Sales Funnel  
  • Upsell Offer  
  • Downsell  
  • Upsell #2 &3  
  • Backend  
YouTube Marketing
  • Introductio  
  • Marketing Plan  
  • Creating Engaging Videos  
  • YouTube Channel Best Practices  
  • Maximizing YouTube Income  
  • Do's and Dont's  
  • Optimizing YouTube Videos  
  • Introduction  
  • Niche  
  • Content is King  
  • Adding Images & Videos  
  • Monetizing the Blog  
  • Social Media  
  • Important Pages  
  • Podcasting - Introduction  
  • Podcast Hardware and Software  
  • Preparing a Podcast  
  • Podcast Outline  
  • Recording  
  • Publishing a Podcast  
  • Podcast Marketing  
Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing - Introduction  
  • Challenges of Email Marketing  
  • Content  
  • Valuable Content  
  • Email Standards  
  • Spam Filters  
  • Lead Generation  
  • AIDA  
  • Conclusion  
Authority Marketing
  • Authority Marketing - Introduction  
  • Becoming an Authority  
  • Step by Step  
  • You're an Authority  
Student Engagement
  • Student Engagement - Introduction  
  • Goals  
  • Engaging Content  
  • Channels  
  • Customer Needs  
  • Brand Marketing  
  • Customer Success  
  • Customer Value  
  • Branding - Introducation  
  • Mission Statement  
  • Logo  
  • Promotion  
  • Delivering  
  • Success  
Reddit Marketing
  • Reddit Marketing - Introduction  
  • Basics  
  • Strategies  
  • Reddit Marketing - Content  
  • Self-Posts  
  • Advanced  
Live Streaming
  • Live Streaming - Introduction  
  • Live Streaming - Basics  
  • Live Streaming - Strategies  
  • Live Streaming - Promotion  
  • Live Streaming - Blab  
Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Groups - Introduction  
  • Group Ideas  
  • Managing Groups  
  • Monetizing Groups  
  • Google+ - Introduction  
  • Google+ - Basics  
  • Hangouts  
  • Communities  
Conversation Content
  • Conversation Content - Introduction  
  • Conversation Content - Value  
  • Conversation Content - Guest  
  • Conversation Content - Repurpose  
  • Conversation Content - Conducting Interviews  
  • Conversation Content - After the Interview  
Business Bootstrapping
  • Business Bootstrapping - Introduction  
  • Business Bootstrapping - Why Bootstrapping?  
  • Business Bootstrapping - Checklist  
  • Business Bootstrapping - Obstacles  
  • Business Bootstrapping - Tools & Resources  
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