Course: eBook Product Launch: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

eBook Product Launch: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

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About this Course

In this course I walk you through how I took a simple idea, turned it into a short eBook and then promoted the eBook to make over $1000.

It all starts with finding one simple niche idea that you can discuss that will help other people.

Most people have knowledge of a specific topic or skill that they could teach to someone else. Most people are willing to pay for this type of knowledge.

So why not create your own short eBook and sell that knowledge to others?

I'm going to walk you through everything I did to create my simple eBook, get it launched and then show you how I continued to make sales from it over a long period of time.

I even share with you the exact eBook I used, that only took me just a few days to write based off of a very simple idea.

Here is what I cover in this course:

  • Coming up with a niche idea for your eBook
  • Creating your eBook - Using a simple tool to build a professional looking eBook
  • Building a sales page for your eBook
  • Creating a sales funnel to collect leads and upsell other products
  • I explain the various payment processors you can use for selling your eBook
  • How to Promote your eBook through forums, affiliate marketing and more
Basic knowledge
  • You will need a simple idea that someone is willing to spend money on
  • We will be using the Papyrus Editor to create your eBook
What you will learn
  • Come up with a niche idea for your eBook
  • Understand how to edit your eBook with ease
  • Launch your eBook through niche based forums
  • Understand how to recruit affiliates to help sell your eBook 
Number of Lectures: 14
Total Duration: 00:34:06
Introduction To The Course
  • What To Expect From This Course  

    In this video I explain what you can expect from this course. 

Creating Your eBook
  • Coming Up With a Niche Idea For Your eBook  

    In this video I discuss picking your niche for your eBook. 

  • A copy of my Info Product eBook  

    This is a copy of my first info product eBook - Fiverr Untapped.

  • What To Include In Your eBook  

    In this video I walk you through how I structured my eBook. 

  • Using Papyrus Editor  

    Using the Papyrus Editor will allow you to make your eBook with ease. You can even publish it using the Kindle format if you choose to do so.

    Using Papyrus Editor.

  • Outsourcing Graphics For the eBook on Fiverr  

    Getting eBook covers designed on Fiverr is very inexpensive and generally you can find some high quality designers over there.

Launching Your eBook
  • WarriorForum - Warrior Special Offer Case Study  

    I initially used the Warrior Forum to launch my book through the Warrior Special Offer Section. In this video I walk you through my sales page.

  • Copywriting and Sales Page Outsourcing  

    In this video I discuss how I outsourced my sales page graphics and landing page copy. I used a person named Nick Arnold on the Warrior forum, his handle is 4 Day Weekend. 

  • Creating a Sales Funnel & Upselling A Bigger Product  

    In this video I walk you through an example upsell I did and how this made me some extra money during my launch. 

  • Handling Orders With Jvzoo or GumRoad  

    Two of the most popular platforms for selling digital products would be Gumroad and Jvzoo. I am a huge fan of Jvzoo due to the wide range of functionality it offers to those who wish to sell products and recruit affiliates. 

  • Building An Email List From Sales  

    When you launch your ebook you should also try to build an email list at the same time. This way you can remarket to those buyers with future ebooks or other products. 

  • JV Launch Calendars  

    In this video I talk about using Jv Launch calendars such as Muncheye to get your ebook product shown to a group of potential affiliates. For me this led to interviews and many affiliates interested in promoting my product. 

  • Publishing Your eBook on Amazon Kindle  

    Publishing your ebook on Amazon Kindle is another option worth considering. Generally Kindle is used for full length books but there are really no specific limitations to what you can publish on Kindle.

Conclusion To The Course
  • Wrapping Up  

    Thanks for going through this course, I hope you have found it useful. If you have any questions feel free to start a discussion and I'd be glad to help you however I can. 

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