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Guerrilla Marketing School

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About this Course

An interactive workshop exploring guerrilla marketing ideas and non-traditional marketing

From ancient Greece to the world's most successful small car launch, you will explore guerrilla and non-traditional marketing as its evolved throughout the ages.

Hayes shares his personal case studies from his 15 year career as a Creative Director and global pioneer in modern guerrilla marketing.

You will discover the tricks and creative techniques to develop effective guerrilla marketing ideas. 

The final lectures will give you the opportunity to apply what you've learned and flex your creative muscles in answer to two fun, challenging briefs.

Finally, submitted student work will be subject to a kind but fair critique which will help you sharpen your skills and abilities to sell creative thinking.

Who is the target audience?

  • Primary: Marketing, Advertising and Communication professionals and agencies (all levels), Secondary: Those interested in creative development
Basic knowledge
  • A Blank Sheet of Paper and a Pen
What you will learn
  • A basic history to Guerrilla Marketing, Ingredients needed to create a Free Thinking Idea, Actionable creative development techniques, new approaches to commercial communication challenges, hands-on experience developing a Guerrilla Idea
Number of Lectures: 18
Total Duration: 01:08:47
  • Introduction  
  • Guerrilla Marketing Through the Ages - a quick romp through history.  

    A fun and fascinating journey through Guerrilla Marketing history. We'll visit ancient Greek prostitutes, puzzling Irishmen, the Roaring 1920's, a giant ostrich egg and witness the birth of viral marketing.

  • Case Studies  
    • Gain invaluable and useable lessons, insights and tips as I share the inside scoop on successful case studies including:
    • The most effective PR stunt in British UK History (FHM)
    • How to launch the world's best selling small car on a shoestring (MINI Cooper)
    • Inviting a new beauty regime for women (Dove)
    • How Losing a sock can net you $1 million in free media coverage (SyFY)
  • Ingredients of a Guerrilla Marketing Idea  

    The Secret Sauce! 11 ingredients you can use right now to help you develop an effective Guerrilla Marketing idea.

  • Exploring The Creative Process  

    The importance of Intuition and how you can tell when a good idea comes up and kicks you in the ass.

  • Briefing 1: The Blank Sheet  

    Create your own imaginary product from scratch. A fun, easy and effective creative exercise for you to try at home.

  • Briefing 2: Launching Your Fictional Product  

    Apply what you've learned and develop your very own Guerrilla Marketing Idea! 

    An opportunity to flex your creative muscles and develop a guerrilla marketing idea to promote your imaginary product. 

  • Extra: When it doesn't go to plan....  

    It doesn't always go right but at least we can learn from mistakes. In this bonus segment we take a look at some notorious Guerrilla Marketing disasters. 

The GMS Rough Guide to Brainstorming
  • 9 Steps for Successful Brainstorming PDF download  

    FREE PDF: The GMS Rough Guide to Brainstorming details the 9 Brainstorm aspects you cannot afford to ignore.

    Tried and tested over a decade, these techniques have driven actionable ideas for Fortune 500 clients such as: BMW, Unilever, HSBC, NBC and British Airways as well as for small businesses and individuals looking to break creative block.

  • Onsite Workshop Overview PDF  

    A short overview of Guerrilla Marketing School's onsite workshops for businesses both large and small.

Experiential Marketing Guide
  • Intro  
  • The Brief  
  • The Brand  
  • Inspiration  
  • The Audience  
  • The Idea  
  • Production  
  • Wrap Up  
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