Course: الادارة بالقيمة المكتسبة : كيف تستخدمها كمحترف؟

الادارة بالقيمة المكتسبة : كيف تستخدمها كمحترف؟

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About this Course

                                                                إن الادارة بالقيمه المكتسبه هى أسلوب مقنع و فعال عند استخدامه في ادارة المشاريع 

 ستأخذك هذه الدورة التدريبية في رحلة عبر 12 مقطع فيديو لمعرفه كيفيه تطبيق الإدارة بالقيمة المكتسبة في مشروعك . سوف تتعرف على تاريخ الادارة بالقيمه المكتسبه سوف , كيفية تنظيم مشروعك ، وبناء الجدول الزمنى للمشروع ، وتطوير ميزانية المشروع وكيفية اختيار أنسب الطرق لقياس حجم الانجاز فو المشروع , من أجل دمج كل هذه المعلومات في خط أساس قياس الأداء 

                                             كذلك سوف تتعرف على معادلات تحليل الأداء الجديدة التي لم يسبق تقديمها فى كتاب الدليل المعرفى لادارة المشروعات 

                                                                        انضم إلينا في هذه الرحلة الرائعة واستمتع بتطبيق الادارة بالقيمه المكتسبه 

Basic knowledge
  • معرفه سابقه عن مبادئ و اساسيات ادارة المشروعات
What you will learn
  • معرفه و فهم مفاهيم و اساسيات الادارة بالقيمه المكتسبه
  • تطبيق الادارة بالقيمه المكتسبه
  • كيفيه قياس اداء المشروع باستخدام الادارة بالقيمه المكتسبه
Number of Lectures: 12
Total Duration: 05:56:05
Welcome to the EVM Course
  • Welcome to the EVM  

    To know who the instructor and the road-map of the course

  • Introduction to EVM  

    In this video you will learn the history of the earned value management. The video also will illustrate the definition of the earned value management and its important and how this technique can answer many important questions about the project performance and progress. You will also learn the basic concepts of the earned value management.  

Performance Measurement Baseline
  • Organize the Project  

    In this video you will learn how to develop a detailed description of both project scope and product scope. You will also learn how to develop one of the most important documents in the project which is work breakdown structure (WBS).

  • Roles and Responsibilities  

    In this video how to appoint, designating and documenting single person or group of persons to perform and execute the project work. Also you will know how to create the responsibility assignment matrix (RAM).

  • Project Schedule  

    In this video you will know the processes and activities that should be done to translate all the elements and the components of the WBS into time-phased model that will be used to execute the project activities.

  • Project Budget  

    In this video you will know how to develop the project budget. The video also will illustrate the budget structure and its components.

  • Measurement Methods  

    This video will illustrate the processes and activities done by the project manager to select the proper way to evaluate the progress of each defined work package in the project. 

  • Develop Performance Measurement Baseline  

    In this video you will learn how to integrating the scope baseline, schedule baseline and cost baseline into single project baseline, which is the performance measurement baseline, to manage and control the performance and progress of the project.

Earned Value Management Analysis
  • EVM Analysis Part 1  

    This video is Part one of Earned Value Management analysis, it will illustrate the the process of comparing the actual project cost and schedule performance against the performance measurement baseline in order to evaluate the current progress of the project.

  • EVM Analysis Part 2  

    In this video we will complete the earned value management analysis that we started in the previous video. This session will illustrate how to calculate ETC, EAC, VAC and TCPI. It also will illustrate what are the outputs of EVM analysis process.

  • Schedule Analysis  

    This video illustrate another types of earned value management analysis through the implementation of  earned schedule concept and how to calculate the "P factor".

EVM Problem
  • EVM Problem  

    This video will illustrate why the project manager should use the earned value management with the project schedule network diagram in order to overcome the problem of having positive schedule variance while the project suffer from a delayed critical path.

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