Course: Get It Done! Project Management for Home, Office and Small Businesses

Get It Done! Project Management for Home, Office and Small Businesses

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About this Course

This course is designed for the homeowner who is working on a project or the entrepreneur who is starting a home-based business. The principles of project management have been streamlined for an individual or small part-time team to plan and execute a project. No software is needed, although some of the techniques presented will work well with a basic spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel.

Basic knowledge
  • There is no basic knowledge requirements, this is course is intended for those without a background in project management
What you will learn
  • How to set project boundaries,
  • How to plan the activities, schedule and resources for your project
  • How to track the progress of the work in the project
  • How to manage risks and changes to the project
  • How to complete the project
Number of Lectures: 32
Total Duration: 03:21:43
Initiating the Project
  • Getting Started  
  • The Triple Constraint  
  • Project Boundaries - the W's  
  • In Frame - Out of Frame  
  • Stakeholders  
  • Deliverables  
Planning the Project
  • Planning the Project  
  • Task Planning - Post Its  
  • Task Planning - Spreadsheet  
  • Definition of Done - Post Its  
  • Definition of Done - Spreadsheet  
  • Assign Work - Post Its  
  • Assign Work - Spreadsheet  
  • Planning the Timeline - Post Its  
  • Planning the Timeline - Spreadsheet  
Working the Project
  • Doing the Work  
  • Task Completion - Post Its  
  • Task Completion - Spreadsheet  
  • Team Meetings  
  • Stakeholder Meetings  
Controlling the Project
  • Controlling the Work  
  • Risk Mitigation  
  • Meeting the Goal  
  • Task Changes - Post Its  
  • Task Changes - Spreadsheet  
  • Adding and Deleting Tasks - Post Its  
  • Adding and Deleting Tasks - Spreadsheet  
Closing the Project
  • Achieving Success  
  • The Punch List  
  • Closeout - Post Its  
  • Closeout - Spreadsheet  
  • Next Steps  
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