How to Build Your Million Dollar Team

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Project management is the practice of organizing, planning, executing, and assisting in the work load of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria by a specified time. With Project management software and practices, your team will run much smoother. You'll be able to free up more hours of your time and your teams will feel more empowered.

If you are ready to produce more income, free up more time, and build a huge TEAM then I can certainly help you.

Who this course is for:

  • How to Build Your Million Dollar Team is a launchpad for entrepreneurs who want to build and manage a successful team and reach their goals
  • Have you ever felt stuck in your business? Have you been without a solution to grow and automate a huge portion of it?
  • I’ve been building several businesses for the past 10 years. In doing so, I’ve worked through the challenges and documented the journey. I’ve managed 200+ people in my lifetime, helped several businesses to 10x their teams’ results, helped many local businesses set up their systems, and even had a few international clients…YOU NAME IT!
  • After years of growing teams for myself and others, I felt obligated to share this knowledge with as many business owners and team leaders as possible. With this valuable info, you will save thousands of dollars and months of your most precious commodity. TIME.
  • Sign up now and start to build your million dollar team!

Basic knowledge
  • The desire to start a business on the right foot
  • The willingness to create something with the correct foundation needed in order to be successful

What will you learn

Here’s just a bit of what’s included in this course, How to Build Your Million Dollar Team:

  • Learn The #1 Thing You Should Start Doing Today To Motivate Prospective Employees To Join Your Team!
  • Why a Team and Company Vision is so Important
  • What the Optimal Team Looks Like, and Who Should Fill the Key Roles
  • The DOs and DON’Ts of Hiring an Optimal Team
  • How to Train Your Team to Take Responsibility for the Companies Growth
  • And more!
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 20 Total Duration: 01:27:49

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