Course: PMP - Data Gathering & Project Selection Methods (PMBOK 6)

PMP - Data Gathering & Project Selection Methods (PMBOK 6)

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About this Course

Data gathering is the foremost technique employed in the project management process. Data collection techniques are used to gather information from a variety of sources. Before turning inputs into results, we often need to collect additional information. This course will highlight some of the common data gathering techniques such as brainstorming, statistical sampling and creating checklists. In addition to that, some of the project management methods are also discussed including internal rate of return, cost-benefit analysis and payback period.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for project researchers and managers considering the significance of data collection and project selection to achieve the ultimate corporate goals
  • PMP Aspirants, who want to get PMP certification
Basic knowledge
  • Basic Project Management Knowledge
What you will learn
  • Information gathering using tools such as checklists and check sheets
  • Benchmarking and statistical sampling for advanced data gathering procedures
  • Learning how to do brainstorming
  • Learning project selection method concept
  • Developing present value calculations
  • Understanding the internal rate of return concepts
  • Learning the concept of payback period
  • Performing net present value calculations
Number of Lectures: 17
Total Duration: 01:27:19
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  • Introduction  
  • Introduction to Tools and Techniques Categories  
Data Gathering Tools and Techniques
  • Data Gathering Info  
  • Brainstorming  
  • Benchmarking  
  • Check Sheets  
  • Checklists  
  • Focus Groups  
  • Statistical Sampling  
Project Selection Methods
  • Project Selection Method Introduction  
  • Present Value  
  • Net Present Value  
  • Payback Period  
  • IRR  
  • Sunk Cost & Opportunity Cost  
  • What's Next?  
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