Course: PMP EXAM Insight - Want to pass PMP exam from the first try?

PMP EXAM Insight - Want to pass PMP exam from the first try?

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About this Course

You want to advance in your career. You have a project management experience and want to earn more money. You believe that acquiring PMP (r) designation will help you with that. Well, official statistic confirms that candidates with PMP(r) certified earn more. Blah, blah, blah… more fluff about exiting life of project managers. If it would be a TV commercial, you would see a young professional working on his/her laptop at the beach drinking some expensive cocktail with umbrella. 

This is not a reason I created this course. 

I am tired and frustrated with most PMP(r) preparation materials. Most of them give students the wrong impression to treat the PMBOK as gospel and drill you into memorizing all the processes, glossary and etc. The worst part I meet a lot of good project managers with great execution experience who can’t pass the exam. In comparison, you probably worked with good test takers, but useless as project leaders and you can’t stand be in the same meeting with then.  

Being Project Management professional is not about remembering the terminology or processes. It’s about your ability to interpret the framework and apply it in real-life situations. 

I created this course to help people with good project management experience to get their PMP(r)s and replace those annoying “AMMM. let’s have another meeting” leaders. 

This course is something most of instructors don’t tell you, because it’s not a part of PMBOK(r). It’s based on student feedback and their success stories. 

I am really hope that having this knowledge will help you to ace your exam and get to the next step in your project management career. 

Who this course is for:

  • Project managers who are preparing to PASS their PMI PMP examination
  • Project managers who want to pass their PMP exam on the first try
Basic knowledge
  • No previous knowledge required, but if you have it no worries! You will still learn a lot in this course
  • Fluency in English and tolerance to my slight accent
  • Self-driven and motivated to learn!
  • Dedication to complete this course and a deep desire to pass the PMP exam
  • Understanding that “no magic training” will automatically pass exam for you unless you actually study
  • A good pair of headphones, a pc, mobile or tablet
What you will learn
  • How to save money on the PMP Exam prep and certification
  • What does it take to sit through the exam
  • Tips on how to increase your chances passing PMP exam from the first try
  • Why using the latest version of PMBOK is important
  • What to learn and what to skip
Number of Lectures: 12
Total Duration: 01:18:01
Let's get started
  • Introduction  
  • Is the PMP certification actually worth it?  
  • What is going to happen during PMP exam?  
  • What are passing scores?  
  • Is PMI Membership worth it?  
  • How to save money on PMP certification? Do you want to learn alternative plan to  
  • How to increase your chances for passing from first try?  
  • What type of questions you will see?  
  • How to avoid your mind going blank on the exam?  
  • How to deal with nerves and manage stress?  
  • I passed. What’s next?  
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