Course: PMP Exam prep & Project management fundamentals with PMBOK6

PMP Exam prep & Project management fundamentals with PMBOK6

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About this Course

I have over 10 years of experience in software development projects. You will learn real work examples.

This course is based on New PMBOK 6 Content.

This course is designed to help you clear PMP exam with understanding the full concepts behind project management fundamentals.

In this course, I have covered all important parts of PMBOK6. You will learn about all the knowledge areas, processes, their inputs, outputs & tools/techniques.

  • We will cover all process groups.

  • You will get 175 question practice tests to prepare for PMP exam.

  • You will prepare project charter and WBS documents in this course.
  • You will get industry standard project charter, WBS and RACI matrix which you can use in your daily job.

Content of the Course

All knowledge areas:

  • Project Integration Management
  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Schedule Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Resource Management
  • Project Communication Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Project Stakeholder Management

This course also covers the all Process groups:

  • Initiating process group
  • Planning process group
  • Executing process group
  • Monitoring and Controlling process group
  • Closing process group 

Who is the target audience?

  • Those who are preparing for PMP certification exam
  • Project management professionals
  • Business analysts who want to learn project management
  • Anybody who is looking to get into the field of project management
Basic knowledge
  • PMBOK 6th Edition
  • Commitment to go through the course and read PMBOK
What you will learn
  • 175 question practice exam to help you with PMP exam preparation
  • Apply project management fundamentals in your job
  • Start job in project management field
  • You will able to practice project management in accordance to PMBOK 6th edition
  • Get industry standard project charter, WBS and RACI matrix documents with this course
  • You will learn to create project charter & WBS documents
  • You will learn most popular project estimation techniques like parametric, analogous, 3 points estimation & more
  • You will learn all knowledge areas with all the inputs, outputs & tools & techniques needed for them
  • If you are looking for PM job, you will find it easier to crack interviews with this course
Number of Lectures: 52
Total Duration: 07:43:13
Project Management Introduction
  • Course Overview & Introduction  

    Project management course introduction with detailed information the content of the course and intended audiences.

  • What is a project  

    Let's start with the basic information about a project. What are the characteristics of a project.

  • Why project management is needed?  

    What is the purpose of project management & why we need it.

  • Project Management Key Components -Part 1  
  • Project Management Key Components -Part 2  
  • Project Management's Business Documents  
  • Environments & Influences in Project Management  
  • Role of a Project Manager  
Project Integration Management
  • Project Integration Management Overview  
  • Develop Project Charter  
  • Develop project management plan  
  • Direct & Manage project work  
  • Manage Project knowledge  
  • Monitor & Control the project work  
  • Perform integrated change control  
  • Close project or phase  
Project Scope Management
  • Project Scope Management Introduction  
  • Plan scope management  
  • Collect requirements  
  • Define Scope  
  • Create WBS  
  • Validate Scope  
  • Control Scope  
Project Schedule Management
  • Project schedule management introduction  
  • Plan schedule management  
  • Sequence activity  
  • Estimating activities & Techniques  
  • Develop schedule  
  • Control Schedule  
Project Cost Management
  • Plan cost management  
  • Estimate cost-Determine Budget- Control Cost  

    In this video, we are going to cover Estimate cost,Determine Budget & Control cost processes. 

Project Quality Management
  • Plan quality management  
  • Manage Quality With control quality  

    In this video, we will cover Manage Quality With control quality.

Project Resource Management
  • Plan resource management  
  • Estimate activity duration-Acquire & Control Resources-Develop Team-Manage Team  

    In this video, we will cover Estimate activity duration,Acquire & Control Resources,Develop Team & manage team processes.

Project Communication Management
  • Project Communication Management  
  • Plan Communication Management  
  • Manage Communication - Monitor Communication  
Project Risk Management
  • Plan Risk Management  
  • Identify Risk  
  • Plan Risk Responses  
Project Procurement Management
  • Plan procurement management  
  • Conduct procurement with Control procurement  
Project Stackholder Management
  • Project stakeholder engagement with identify stakeholder process  

    In this video, we will cover talk about Project stakeholder engagement knowledge area with identify stakeholder process.

  • Plan, Manage & Monitor Stakeholder engagement processes  
Process Groups
  • Initiating Process Group  
  • Planning process group  
  • Executing process group  
  • Monitoring & Controlling process group  
  • Closing the project or phase process group  
  • Assignment - Create WBS  
  • Create Project charter  
Practice Test
  • 175 Questions Practice PMP Exam  

    This practice test has been created to help you with your PMP certification exam preparation. Please try to answer the questions the way you will do it in real exam.

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