Course: Professional Consulting - Is It Right For You?

Professional Consulting - Is It Right For You?

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About this Course

This course provides the student with several lectures that collectively when finished, provides them with a thorough introduction to the world of professional consulting. This course is designed to help the person who is considering undertaking a consulting career. It covers the following topics:

  • What the consulting lifestyle looks like - and the pros and cons to being a consultant
  • What combination of skills and experience are required to be successful at consulting
  • What are the most common areas of service (disciplines) that consultants can profitably market
  • How much on average a consultant can charge for his or her services by consulting discipline
  • When should a consultant operate as a sole proprietorship and when should incorporation be considered
  • What is required to be able to consult internationally
  • What is required to consult in the USA if you are resident in Canada
  • How do you obtain international “Trade NAFTA” status to consult throughout North America.

At the end of this course, the student will have gained greater insights into the world of professional consulting. This knowledge gained should help the student to both better decide if a consulting future is appropriate for them and also help them get started as a consultant if they choose to move ahead in this career direction.

Basic knowledge
  • Students should be knowledgeable in a marketable business skill with strength in their resumes that can demonstrate this knowledge to others or be planning to gain that skill in the near future
What you will learn
  • Understand what skills and experience are required to become a professional consultant
  • Have insights as to what consulting disciplines best meet your skillset(s)
  • Have a better understanding as to what you can charge for your consulting services and how to ensure that your engagement expenses are covered
Number of Lectures: 9
Total Duration: 01:01:42
An Introduction to the World of Professional Consulting
  • We Are Consultants...  

    This lecture is a course overview. It describes who we are and what we do and what we want to achieve with our clients as a consultant.

  • Introduction to Professional Consulting  

    This lecture discusses in overview what it takes to become a consultant, what kind of revenues can be earned, what are the advantages and risks, what the consulting lifestyle can be like, what tools will be needed to consult effectively, and how to promote oneself to potential clients so that new consulting engagements can be initiated.

  • Consulting Disciplines  

    This lecture discusses a number of the more common "consulting disciplines" or vocations that people can undertake in order to earn successful livings as a "Niche" consultant with expertise in their field. In addition to discussing these disciplines, estimations on the consulting rate ranges for each disciplines are provided, giving the student a reasonable idea as to what he or she would be able to charge for services provided.

  • Corporation or Proprietorship?  

    This lecture discusses both the advantages and disadvantages of both corporations and proprietorships. Recommendations as to when and under what circumstances a person starting out as a sole proprietorship should consider incorporating are also discussed.

    Business reasons, financial reasons and tax implications are also discussed with strategies recommended. Raising capital, getting paid in dividends and other related topics are also discussed within this lecture.

  • A Computer Programming History Lesson  

    This video discusses why computer programmers need to stay technically current in their profession and also why it is very likely necessary for them to take additional professional consulting training to ensure productive and profitable careers.

  • What It Takes to Be a Consultant  

    On completion of this lecture, the student will learn what it takes to become a successful consultant. Discussion points include the education and experience you need to have, the toolkits you will need to build, how to market your services to find and secure new engagements, and what kind of documentation "templates" you should build and have at hand.

  • Consulting Cross Border From Canada  

    This lecture provides detailed insights on how Canadians can be allowed to provide consulting services in other countries including the USA. Working cross border under Trade Nafta is discussed in considerable detail, strategies to ensure you are able to get paid and actually obtain your money is discussed as are terms for conducting consulting engagements in other countries - such as when you need to consult through 3rd party brokers, when it may be required to and when it makes sense to set up a foreign country incorporated business entity to provide services through and more...

  • A W2 Versus a 1099 Contract  

    This lecture discusses the differences for a consultant working under a W2 contract with a client and under a 1099 contract with a client.

  • Building an MP4 Lecture Video Using Microsoft PowerPoint  

    If you want to create a professional marketing presentation and be able to have it viewed by video, this lecture shows you how you can create this professional video using Microsoft PowerPoint. It will view with audio and any "animations" you wish to include. Just upload it to YouTube for viewing, send it to your customers or clients in an e-mail or use it in front of a client or prospect on a screen when presenting to him/her. Whatever your need, this strategy can add another level of professionalism and smoothness to your business.

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