Course: Project Management using Oracle Primavera P6 Professional

Project Management using Oracle Primavera P6 Professional

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About this Course

This course provides you with great insight into Primavera to make you effective and easily get an expert level understanding on managing projects through Primavera. Most lecture are covered through power point to high-light concept and features, post this has exhaustive hands-on demonstration using Primavera P6 professional

This course start by providing a brief overview about project management, various type of Primavera platforms such as Professional, Enterprise and cloud version. Covers in details about managing projects through the Primavera Profession P6 version for windows 10. Also provides on brief architecture overview of Primavera Products and where Primavera P6 professional fits in Primavera family.

Apart covering topics like creation of project, work breakdown structure, activities, cost, resource allocation, base lining, progress progress update . It also covers advanced features like

  • Critical path Method, Forward Pass, Backward Pass, positive and negative slacks
  • Important concepts like Earned value analysis is covered as well.

Earned value analysis is important to know whether project is on schedule, behind schedule or ahead of schedule, Similarly whether the project is as per budget or over budget and within budget at any point of time during the execution of the project.

The course is logically sequenced in following manners, similar to any project execution:

  • Overview about various Primavera Platforms.
  • Project Management Overview
  • Install and some of the critical set ups.
  • Planning - Covers setup like calendar, currency,Roles and resources, Date constraint and then on transaction like project creation, WBS, Activities, Relationship, critical path method, , Risks and issue, project base line.
  • Execution and control - Project progress update, Earned value analysis, Reports.
  • Advanced topics
  • Activities types - Milestones, Task dependent, Resource dependent, Level of effort.
  • Resource leveling
  • Import, Export
  • Resource type - Apart from labor, define non-labour like machinery, raw material
  • Case study - To plan and create project, baseline, update progress analyse progress made. Additionally you can also reference solution provided
  • Check your knowledge - Quiz.

If you are pmp certified they you can claim PDU for the course.

Happy learning!!!

Basic knowledge
  • Basic understanding of project management concept
What you will learn
  • Get hands on experience and become proficient in using Oracle Primavera is shortest possible time
  • Get expert level understanding on Network Diagram, Critical path method, Forward Pass, Backward pass, slack
  • Understand advance project management concept such as Earned value analysis and how it is used in Primavera
  • Has a unique case study, which would equip you to become an expert
  • Practical exposure to understand as how projects are planned, executed and monitored with metrics like Earned value analysis
Number of Lectures: 43
Total Duration: 04:02:58
Course Overview
  • Course overiew  

    This lecture presentation is about the course topics covered

Oracle Primavera product environment options
  • Different Oracle Primavera product and environment options  

    This presentation is about different Oracle Primavera product / environment options

  • Oracle Primavera Professional P6 Ver 17 windows Install  

    Approach to install Oracle Primavera Professional P6 ver17

Project Management - Overview
  • Whats a project?  

    An overview about what project means

  • Project Management Lifecycle -An overview  

    An overview presentation about project management life cycle

Primavera professional P6 : Basic navigation, Structure and Setups
  • Application Navigation Overview  

    The presentation is about Navigation overview

  • Enterprise Project Structure(EPS) and Organization Breakdown Structure(OBS)  

    In Primavera, Enterprise Project Structure and Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS), play a critical role is initiating, planning, execution of the project. This presentation is about EPS and OBS

  • Currency setup  
  • Calendar Setup  
  • Roles and Resources Setup  
Project Planning with Primavera P6 Professional
  • Primavera Professional - Project Window Overview  
  • Primavera Professional - Creation of Project  
  • Date constraint  
  • What is work breakdown structure?  
  • Primavera Professional - Creation of Work down breakdown structure  
  • What are project activities and its relationship dependencies?  
  • Primavera professional - Timescale and Network diagram  
  • Primavera professional - Activity and relationship creation  
  • Forward Pass, Backward Pass, Positive float, Negative float, Critical Path  
  • Primavera professional - Forward Pass, Backward Pass, floats, Critical paths  
  • Primavera Professional - Activity steps  
  • Primavera professional - Scheduling the project  
  • What's project baseline?  
  • Primavera professional - Baselining the project  
  • What is Risk and Issue in a project?  
  • Primavera professional - risk and issue  
  • Check your knowledge - Quiz 1  
Project execution and Control with Primavera p6 professional
  • Primavera professional - Auto Project progress update  
  • Primavera professional - Manual project progress update  
  • Primavera professional - Data Date  
  • Primavera professional - Layouts  
  • Earned value analysis - Calculations  
  • Primavera professional - Earned value analysis  
  • Primavera professional - reports  
  • Check your knowledge - Quiz 2  
Other advanced topics
  • Activity Types - Milestones, Task Dependent, Resource Dependent, Level of effort  
  • Primavera Activity types - Demonstration  
  • Primavera - Non-Labor activities - Machinery,Raw materials  
  • Primavera - Resource Over-allocation - Leveling  
  • Duration types  
  • Primavera - Duration types  
  • Primavera Professional - Export, Imports  
Simulated business case study using Primavera P6 professional
  • Primavera Professional - Case study details  
  • Primavera Professional - Case study solution - Planning, scheduling and baseline  
  • Primavera Professional - Case study - Project update and Earned value analysis  
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