Course: Project Management with Primavera P6

Project Management with Primavera P6

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About this Course

Welcome to the Best Seller Oracle Primavera P6 online training course. This course is named as 'Project Management with Primavera P6' as it is focused on practical application of Project Management using Primavera P6. This course was being taught by CEM Solutions for over 5 years. And now it is available online so that maximum students and professionals can learn this valuable resource from their desktops with convenience. 

This course is a field oriented course and contains real world examples and a full fledge real project for better understanding and practice.

This course is so designed that it covers every aspect of implementation. If you are working in large scale firms then you will get a picture of how projects are managed there. This will make you able to organize projects, control access to projects, organize and control resources and in effectively planning, monitoring and controlling of the project.

Similarly if you are working in small or a medium scale firm, or if you are new to Project Management and Primavera, you will get to know all the required core concepts of Project Management along with examples and you will learn their implementation in Primavera P6 from start to end.

After successful completion of this course, you will be able to develop a schedule, update and monitor this schedule, control this schedule, generate reports, allocate cost and resources, develop cash flows and s-curves, monitor and control cost and resources and you will also understand lots of interesting Project Management concepts.

Basic knowledge
  • Urge to learn Project Management and Primavera P6
What you will learn
  • Plan, monitor and control time, cost and resources of a project to achieve project goals
Number of Lectures: 51
Total Duration: 05:06:44
Introduction to this Course
  • Introduction to this Course  
Basic Concepts
  • What is a Project  
  • What is Project Management  
  • Five Process Groups of Project Management  
  • Schedule and its importance  
  • Critical Path Method for Scheduling  
  • Understanding a Gantt Chart  
Introduction to Primavera P6
  • Introduction to Primavera Systems and Oracle Primavera P6 PPM  
  • Primavera P6 Interface and Preferences  
Enterprise Environment in Primavera P6
  • Organizational Breakdown Structure  
  • Enterprise Project Structure  
  • Work Breakdown Structure  
  • Access Control in Primavera P6  
Planning and Creating a New Project
  • Planning your Project Schedule  
  • Understanding a Sample Project  
  • Creating a New Project in Primavera P6  
  • Project Window Options  
  • Total Float and Project Must Finish Date  
  • Role of Calendars in Scheduling  
  • Adding and Assigning Calendars  
WBS, Activities and Basic Formatting
  • Creating WBS in Primavera P6  
  • Formatting Columns and Timescale  
  • Percentage Complete Types in Primavera P6  
  • Activity Types in Primavera P6  
  • Setting Defaults for New Activities  
  • Adding Activities  
  • Estimating Duration of Activities  
  • Adding Duration of Activities  
Relationships and Scheduling
  • Understanding Relationships  
  • Adding Relationships and Scheduling  
  • Understanding Scheduling Algorithm  
Formatting, Sharing & Reporting
  • Formatting Bars  
  • Group, Sorts and Layouts  
  • Filtering in Primavera P6  
  • Printing, Exporting and Importing  
  • Reporting in Primavera P6  
Updating and Monitoring
  • Understanding and Adding Baseline  
  • Updating a Project  
  • Monitoring a Project  
Roles, Resources and Expenses
  • Understanding Roles, Resources and Expenses  
  • Resource and Cost Terminologies  
  • Adding and Assigning New Currency  
  • Adding Roles and Resources  
  • Resource Window Details  
  • Duration Types in Primavera P6  
  • Resource Options and Assigning Resources  
  • Reviewing Resource Allocation  
  • Adding Expenses  
  • Reviewing Resource and Cost Usage  
  • Updating a Project with Resources and Expenses  
  • Conclusion  
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