Course: Six Sigma White Belt Training & Certification

Six Sigma White Belt Training & Certification

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About this Course

Welcome to SSI - Six Sigma & Innovation Six Sigma White Belt online training

No other consulting firm has the intellectual pedigree, the managerial experience and the operational expertise to deliver similar results tailored to your needs:

  • Our approach is extremely flexible
  • All projects are customized to the specific needs based on data and analytics – we do not use any pre-cut solutions but rather rely on a systematic approach
  • Rapid, measurable results
  • We do not simply provide training or consulting, we deliver knowledge transfer
  • Improvement is continuous and self-sustaining
  • Approach is focused, well organized, and measured against key business goals

At the end of this Six Sigma White Belt Training certified professionals:

  • Are trained to understand problem solving in any process
  • Are capable of supporting process improvements in the organization
  • Are familiar with Six Sigma Methodology and Roadmap
  • Are able to prepare high level Six Sigma deployment concepts to implement Six Sigma in any organization

Basic knowledge
  • No prior knowledge required
  • Any one interested in getting the first introduction to Six Sigma
  • Management considering a Six Sigma deployment
  • Management interested in getting a high level overview of Six Sigma
  • Any one interested to be white belt certification
  • Any one looking for a quick refresher on Six Sigma
What you will learn
  • Become a certified Six Sigma White Belt
  • Demystify Six Sigma
  • Why Six Sigma is different from past Quality Programs

Number of Lectures: 11
Total Duration: 01:15:01
  • Welcome  


    After mote than 20 years of experience in developing, implementing and executing operational excellence and innovation excellence programs in a range of industries: automotive, computer, IT, telecommunications, consumer (major, small appliances), maschine tools, cement, packaging etc. we decided to start our Six Sigma Certifiactions with Simpliv

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  • Agenda / Training Content  

    Agenda / Training Content

Business Challanges
  • Need For Change  

    The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change

    Heraclitus of Ephesus (535 BC – 475 BC) Greek Philosopher

Six Sigma Deployment Infrastructure
  • Deployment & Project Support  

    Prerequisites for Six Sigma Implementation: Six Sigma Deployment Infrastructure, Project Support Infrastructure

Demistify Six Sigma Part 1
  • Six Sigma Part 1  

    You Are The Customer

    Which Factory Satisfies You More?

Demistify Six Sigma Part 2
  • Six Sigma Part 2  

    Impact Of Variance To Customer Satisfaction

Demistify Six Sigma Part 3
  • Six Sigma Part 3  

    The lower the variance, the higher the quality, the more satisfied the customer and lower is the loss. But how to reach this?

Six Sigma Problem Solving Approach
  • DMAIC Roadmap  

    Understand DMAIC Roadmap

Six Sigma Project Example
  • Drive Time Accuracy Using Six Sigma Tools  

    How to use Six sigma Tools using DMAIC Roadmap

Six Sigma White Belt Certification
  • Six Sigma WB Certification  

    How to get your Six Sigma White Belt Certification

Reviews (1)
4 weeks before
Good basic introduction to Six Sigma and DMAIC. Has encouraged me to pursue Yellow Belt training. Volume changes around section 5. a little difficult to hear after that.