Course: The Project Compass

The Project Compass

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About this Course

All of us, without exception, occasionally find ourselves managing small and medium and even large projects. Think of the last event you planned, or your last vacation. Remember the new product you developed, the business you established, the movie you filmed, or the book you wrote. Think about all the goals you achieved and the complex tasks you completed. These are all examples of professional and personal projects that each of us is required to manage.

Each project, large or small, requires a clear definition of goals and objectives and designation of a clear path to achieving them. The project must be planned and a “Project Compass” must be developed.

The Project Compass defines the objectives of the project, its stakeholders and the inherent benefits for them, the project life cycle, the project's outcomes and milestones, the resources required to execute the project, the risks that threaten during its execution, etc.

This course is designed for all of you that are required to manage different projects – in your professional lives in addition to your work, or in your personal lives and it will guide you – step by step, until the approval of the project and beyond so that you’ll start your project on the right foot.

Basic knowledge
  • You don't have to know anything about Project Management in order to enroll in this course
  • No Pre-requisites required
What you will learn
  • You will understand project management and the role of the project manager
  • You will understand the Primary Paradox of project management and the challenges it poses to the project
  • You'll be able to develop a high-level project plan using the Project Compass document
Number of Lectures: 24
Total Duration: 02:12:57
The Project Compass - Course Overview
  • Who are we?  
  • Course Objectives and Target Audience  
  • Walk Through the Course Curriculum  
The Beginning (Overview of Project Management)
  • What is a Project?  
  • The Golden Triangle and Triple Constrains  
  • The Infamous Triangle and The Truth Behind It  
  • The Primary Paradox of Project Management  
  • What is a Successful Project?  
  • Who is a Project Manager?  
  • Overview Summary  
The Project's Compass (Initial Planning)
  • Initial Planning Overview  
  • Project Necessity and Feasibility  
  • Project Goals and Objectives  
  • Project Critical Success Factors  
  • Project Stakeholders, Key Players and Affected Parties  
  • Working Assumptions and Constraints  
  • Project Life Cycle, Milestones and Deliverables  
  • Developing a WBS and Rough Estimates  
  • Creating a General Work Plan  
  • Preliminary Risk Identification  
  • Launching the Project  
  • Initial Planning Summary  
The Project Compass - Course Summary
  • Summary and Conclusions  
  • The Project Compass Document  
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